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  1. Well, thanks for the classic fun talking Thief back in January. I was glad to see another fan in this desert. Time to move on...

    1. Maijstral


      Yeah, the speculation was fun. Too bad that looks to be about all the fun that's to have been had with the new game. I've been computer/video gaming for around four decades, and nothing even comes close to the disappointment of nuThief for me.

  2. Hello! :D

    1. Elentarien


      Hihi Nice to see a familiar friendly face here too! :D

  3. This isn't TTLG, but people who've given me a problem at TTLG for years, going back many years, are still the same people whether here or at TTLG. It doesn't come from nothing. I seriously have no reason to receive any private message from someone who never has anything good to say privately.

  4. Love your signature over at the Eidos forums. Hahaha!

    1. Maijstral


      I don't normally even use signatures, but I've used a few to voice my displeasure at what EM is doing to Thief. I'll probably stick with that one until I lose interest in visiting the EM forums.

  5. It would be amazing if Beleg, et al, could pull off half of what the TDS devs were thinking of doing with the tax collector: http://ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1402697#post1402697

  6. jtr7

    Happy birthday, bounty hunter scum!

  7. DJ Riff may be interested in this, though I don't have links to sources where I gathered them: http://www.mediafire.com/view/liw77xadht8a3nl/T4_NewNamesList.txt

    1. Andrey


      Thank you! I'll post it at darkfate.

    2. jtr7


      I realized some people, like Riff were actually going through media looking, and I'd already made that list, so I hope it helps 'em. Thanks.

    3. jtr7


      Adding a buncha new names to the T4 Names List. Familiar ones--Cyric, Bohn, Throvia, Summersday, Moira (not a person in that instance). Some new ones, too.

  8. Nice to see you here. ;)

  9. All right, now, who's jinxing modetwo's server?

  10. All right, now, who's jinxing modetwo's server?

  11. Happy Birthday! :D

  12. TDM is up and running. This is historic...for me. :)

  13. jtr7

    Yer doin' fine so far. :thumb:

  14. jtr7

    Hellooo! Heh heh.

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