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  1. Wow. Just read the bit where you were totally unreasonable to Brethren when he offered you file space at Southquarter. Just wow dude.

    1. jtr7


      I didn't know you were aware of our private conversations over the years. Heh, you have no context whatsoever to go by, and cannot begin to grasp how very civil I was considering his demeanor toward me. He was one of the first people to rip into me over his own projected insecurities. For him to PM me was never a good thing for anyone. He knows that. He also knows we do not get along and that I want nothing to do with him, so his goodwill gesture is putting on a show for the ignorant...

    2. jtr7


      If there was anything genuine and kind in his dubious offer, it was too little, and far too late. It makes no sense outside of creating fodder for the biased. He'd have to be a bigger idiot than I realized, or amnesiac, to think this would actually be well-received by myself.

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