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  1. I've only had a chance to spend about a half an hour in-game, but I wanted to try these new features out. Well done! First, it looks like you eliminated the head bob. Thank you for that. Both the mouse aim indicator and the cone of mouse movement are game changers. It's just so much more comfortable and so much easier to target items in the world and knock out those pesky guards. I'm also coming around on the default HUD placement. It acts as sort of a frame indicating where your "body" is facing. This sort of thing has been shown to reduce nausea as well (cockpits, for example. YMMV, of course). I have been toying with different values for vr_decoupledMouseYawAngle. FYI - you have a typo in your post above (missing the "U" in mouse ). I am liking somewhere between 25 and 30 for a couple of reasons. One, my mouse sensitivity is pretty high so it gives me more wiggle room without accidentally turning. To turn I tend to flick my wrist instead of dragging the mouse, which sort of behaves like snap-turn. Now I can drag it around a little to target items in the world. Secondly, those values are about the width of the HUD, so I have a clear frame of reference in view to know how far to move the mouse before it'll turn me. All-in-all, I think you knocked it out of the park with this stuff. I had thought that the mouse aim indicator would be distracting, but it really just feels like an extension of my right hand on the mouse into the game world. I think that if it was attached to head movement, it wouldn't work well. But if I want it out of view then I can just lower it. Easy. Well done.
  2. These updates sound great! I’m away with the family this weekend, but should have time to have a go on Monday. I’ll make sure to share any feedback here. Cheers
  3. Thanks for the replies. I spent a little more time playing and, man, it really feels like coming home. It's been a while. I just adore this game. I have found that having the blackjack out at all times really helps with frobbing, as you pointed out. But yes, getting this right will likely be a challenge. Thank you for looking into the UI positioning. As it related to head bob, it's definitely still there, unless there's something funky going on on my end. I remember when I was looking into disabling it a few years ago, it would not work if I edited those values in the darkmod.cfg. It only works for me by creating an autocommands.cfg and executing that each time I reload. Here are the values: seta pm_bobroll "0" seta pm_bobpitch "0" seta pm_bobup "0" If that's just me, then don't worry about it. I just updated from 2.05 and ran into some weird issues with the updater. A clean install might be fruitful on my end, if needed. Cheers
  4. I've spent a little time with the VR mod. I appreciate that feedback is welcome. I want to help if I can. First, it's a major improvement over the previous implementation. Well done! The game is simply beautiful on the Index. I need to experiment with more maps, but performance appears to be improved. Having the HUD, menus, readables, etc... working well is a massive QOL improvement. This is going to be fantastic. I can't wait to get into the most recent stuff I've missed out on like the William Steele series. I see what you mean about the lack of a visual indicator for the mouse position or a virtual cross-hair. Especially now that vertical mouse movement is removed. Its very tough to frob and potentially nausea inducing because turning is so tightly coupled with frobbing. For example when I wanted to pick up a candle, I was unintentionally turning left and right and just sort of guessing, hoping for it to light up. I concur with this priority. Suggestion 1: If possible, I suggest implementing a "cone of frobbing" wherein for some specified degree of mouse movement, the player's "body" is not turned, but only controls the right hand (for example, the blackjack or when you implement a cross-hair). Then, only once a defined threshold is crossed, the player is turned. This way, for example, one could stand directly in front of a chest and freely use the mouse to select the various items while also having the freedom to look around with your head, but the player's "body" would remain facing the chest. Does that makes sense? The folks at Valve who got HL2 working in VR a few years ago included this option and I think you could cycle through various degrees that corresponded to larger mouse movements (wider angles) necessary to instigate a turn. Sadly, that mod no longer works, so it's hard to show you. This stuff can be hard to put into words. Suggestion 2: The HUD feels a little high up, but that could be a matter of taste. Personally, I wouldn't mind needing to physically have to look down for it, but I expect some folks might like it more present/in view. Suggestion 3: You might want to consider eliminating head bob altogether. The artificial movement has potential to be nausea inducing, speaking only for myself. I brought this up in the previous thread. My solution involves an autocommands.cfg that I execute with F11 anytime I reload. I'm content to do that if needed. Just something to think about. Apologies for the wall of text, I didn't intend to be too wordy. All in all, I'm thoroughly impressed. I'll keep playing with it and report back here if I have any other thoughts. Cheers
  5. This is very exciting. I’ll be jumping in later today. Congratulations, I expect a lot of work went into this. Cheers!
  6. This is really great news. I still pop into the old build from time to time. I admire your dedication, Cabalistic. It's been a few years now and I've seen similar sorts of projects fade away more often than not. Your work is much appreciated.
  7. Just a quick note, I have a Valve Index set to arrive later this month. I'm very excited to take TDM for a spin with the new headset. Since it uses SteamVR, I expect it to work just as it did with the Vive & Rift. For what it's worth, I didn't have any luck using SteamVR input to rebind the keyboard/mouse controls to VR controller triggers/buttons. I may explore other solutions once I have the Index + controllers in hand.
  8. It's all good. Thanks for the reply! You're doing something for free in your spare time. Your efforts have been very appreciated. It sounds like waiting is the smart move. I'm honestly happy to play it as is right now, I just wanted to try out some new missions. I'll probably download another instance of TDM and keep 2 versions to make it easier to go back and forth between VR and pancake. Cheers!
  9. Any news on the 2.06 port? I've held off updating. Does anyone know what'll happen if I try to play a mission designed for 2.06 while still on 2.05? I guess it'd be easy enough to try and see for myself. On another note, TDM-VR works with opencomposite (https://gitlab.com/znixian/OpenOVR/blob/master/README.md) for anyone who's using that in lieu of SteamVR for Rift. The downside is you can't reset your position because you need the SteamVR menu to do that, so you're out of luck if you don't begin the game sitting completely still, facing forward. Nevertheless, I thought it was worth mentioning. Also, I'm going to try to bind keyboard controls to the VR-controllers (https://steamcommunity.com/games/250820/announcements/detail/3809361199426010680). It won't be like having "hands" in-game, but I found with other games (Alien Isolation, for example), it positively impacts the experience. Plus it'll allow me to stand up. Last night, I played through Chronicles of Skulduggery: Pearls & Swine. I really enjoyed that one! No VR-related issues to speak of. Performance dipped in a few places, but no show-stoppers.
  10. Thanks for the update! I check back in on this thread from time to time. That looks like a solid roadmap. If you can nail the bullet points, I think it'll be good enough to recommend. I wonder if the 3d cross-hair could be toggle-able...? Crosshairs are weird in VR. Like, it's easy to go cross-eyed, if that makes sense. But I understand the desire for something like that. Sometimes I feel like I'm frobbing forever, struggling to move the mouse over the correct spot. BTW, I agree seated is better than nothing. Alien Isolation taught me that. Roomscale is great, but it's not everything. Thanks again and keep up the great work!
  11. Yes, I've seen that stated before. Nevertheless, the head bobbing is ever-present until I press F11. In all likelihood, this is something on my end. User error, misunderstanding, or other such mistakes are totally plausible. Whatever the case may be, it's working well enough.
  12. In addition to populating the autocommands.cfg with the values you listed, I also had to bind it to a key to get it to load. My Darkmod.cfg has this: bind "F11" "exec autocommands.cfg" You should be able to choose a different keybind if you want. I have to press this every time I load a save. Not a big deal, but something to keep in mind.
  13. No worries at all! I'll just keep from updating for the time being. Thanks for the quick reply.
  14. Hi, is this compatible with 2.06? In other words, if i update to 2.06, is there anything I need to do to keep things working?
  15. That's great news! I still play missions using your previous implementation. Looking forward to where this goes!
  16. I have a general question - are there any concerns with sharing this alpha with anyone outside of the TDM community? I've recently been asked for recommendations for seated VR games/ports/mods like Alien Isolation. This fits the bill, but I haven't mentioned it to anyone besides grodenglaive, who's been active here. I'd hate for this thread to be inundated with tech support questions, especially since the mod is on hold for the moment. On the other hand, anyone could stumble into this thread and download the mod. Cabalistic, do you have a preference? I'm happy to oblige.
  17. I have to agree with this, generally speaking. At present, I couldn't recommend this to anyone who is unfamiliar with TDM, especially if you're learning the controls. Being unable to see them could be a challenge. However, an experienced TDM player can get on quite nicely. I've played through a few missions and I'm finding it to be truly spectacular. I don't know that I'll ever want to go back to using a monitor. It's significantly better than using vorpx in it's current state.
  18. Download this: https://github.com/fholger/thedarkmodvr/releases/download/v0.1.3/thedarkmodvr_0.1.3.zip Extract the contents into your TDM folder. Overwrite any necessary files. Launch from the new .exe. Use your monitor for viewing the main menu and any readables. The HUD & light gem are also difficult to view in VR. Being familiar with the controls is a real help. M+KB only as far as I can tell. One of the most immersive gaming experiences available, full stop.
  19. No worries. I've been tied up. I'll try to see about getting to this tonight. However, I'd like to mention that I also tried to enable EAX via this tutorial: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18249-tutorial-how-to-setup-eax-for-tdm-on-any-soundcard/ I also saw a crash on startup. However, it boots up fine now, though EAX won't work. I get the message telling me that I don't have the required hardware. In both of these cases, user error is definitely possible. I'm certainly not immune to making mistakes. However, it's interesting that both are audio related. I know the VR headsets do some audio-related magic & I wonder if there's a conflict. I should try disabling VR to see if either HRTF or EAX are working.
  20. Thank you. I'm not sure if logging is on. Perhaps you can tell by the contents of my log file, which are as follows: [game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 362):INI (INIT) FR: 0] LogFile created at 2017.08.08 21:03:23[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 365):INI (INIT) FR: 0] DLL last cleaned and rebuilt on Jul 23 2017 11:13:21[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 367):INI (INIT) FR: 0] The Dark Mod 2.05, code revision 6757[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 408):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogBegin: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 408):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogEnd: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 408):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogInfo: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 408):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogDebug: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 408):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogWarning: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 408):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogError: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_FRAME: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_SYSTEM: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_MISC: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_FROBBING: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_AI: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_SOUND: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_FUNCTION: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_ENTITY: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_INVENTORY: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_LIGHT: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_WEAPON: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_MATH: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_MOVEMENT: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_STIM_RESPONSE: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_OBJECTIVES: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_DIFFICULTY: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_CONVERSATION: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_MAINMENU: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_LOCKPICK: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_AAS: 0[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 418):FRC (FORCE) FR: 0] LogClass_STATE: 0
  21. Just a quick note: - The game crashes after enabling HRTF, as outlined here: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/17689-improve-your-tdm-experience-by-playing-with-openal-soft-hrtf-better-3d-audio/. I doubt most people have this enabled, but figured it'd be worth noting for troubleshooting purposes. I don't know if the HMD's spacial audio is being utilized, but HRTF was pretty cool when used with vorpx.
  22. On this note, I'd love to continue to help test on both the Vive & the Rift, but it's looking like that may be tricky if I'm reading things right. I've had a chance to play around with the initial alpha release some more. It's really quite playable so long as you're familiar with the controls and don't mind peeking at the screen mirror for readables. I've also been playing the recently released Alien Isolation VR mod and there are a lot of similarities.
  23. Thank you, kindly. Yes, I expect performance to always be an issue simply because some missions are more taxing than others. It's something we may be forced to live with to one degree or another. Though, if SteamVR's re-projection or the Rift's ATW/ASW could kick in & lock things to 45fps dynamically, that could be helpful. That's why I'm scratching my head at the notion that I'm getting 200+ framerates. Maybe it's doubling for some reason...? In terms of Rift vs Vive, I don't have both headsets plugged in at the same time. I ran into too many issues early on with applications getting confused. So I manually unplug/plug-in whenever I want to switch headsets. It's not as annoying as it seems as I tend to stick with one or the other for days/weeks. And I'm using the Vive link box for both. So the systems should not get confused because there's only ever one headset plugged in. I'll keep trying to get the rift up & running. EDIT: Good news, it's working with the Rift. Perhaps I never re-tested after getting things up & running on the Vive last night, but it's working as expected. I don't believe there's anything special that needs to be done here, thankfully. Whatever work you're doing with OpenVR should translate to the Rift as expected. Sorry for the false alarm. A couple other things I forgot to mention: 1. I'm hoping there's away to disable any effects related to how the player is knocked back when struck by a guard with a sword or rocks, etc... 2. You mention on the roadmap on the github page coupling head tracking with game logic & I definitely agree here. It's easy for the world to be accidentally titled/slanted. I think we need to find a way to lock the horizon without limiting your ability to move your arms up & down. It's hard to explain, but i think you get what I'm saying.
  24. I've had a chance to play with this for a short while. I'm thoroughly impressed! It's further along than I expected. I've been playing TDM with vorpx for a while now and once this is complete, that method will be obsolete. You've got something very special and I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. I spent some time in "Crucible of the Omens: Behind Closed Doors" & "A Matter of Hours." Here are my notes. 1. The game would not launch into VR on the Rift, which is surprising since you're using openVr. I'm not sure if you have one or intend to support it anyway, but I'm happy to continue to help test. I was successful with the Vive. 2. My monitor is 2560x1440. The game would not launch in VR unless I changed it to 1920x1080. Not really a priority, but something to be aware of. 3. The game consistently crashes when restarting. I noticed this when downloading/installing a new mission, for example. 4. In addition to shadows, you're likely aware that similar issues exist with other effects to do with reflective surfaces and some light sources. 5. Similar to the problem with UI elements, you're likely aware this also applies to readables. 6. I'm using MSI afterburner/RTSS to monitor FPS. I think it was mis-reporting. I was seeing framerates anywhere from the 150's to the 270's, which seems impossible. I also experienced a bit judder in certain locations, which is a sign I was going below 90fps and re-projection was not kicking in. It could be something to do with my setup. I tried adding the following to my autoexec.cfg and removing it, but got the same result: seta com_fixedtic "1" , seta r_displayRefresh "90" , seta tdm_lg_interleave_min "1" 7. You may wish to eliminate head bob for comfort reasons. I'd be curious if you could make this happen automatically. As it is now, I bound F11 to "exec autocommands.cfg." In my autocommands.exec file, I have the following: seta pm_bobroll "0" , seta pm_bobpitch "0" , seta pm_bobup "0" Again, this is truly remarkable. It's honestly all I've wanted once I became aware of what was happening in the VR space. I'm happy to continue providing feedback. Anything specific you're looking for, just let me know. Here are my specs: Win 10 - i7 7700k @ 5gHz - GTX 10880ti - 16GB RAM
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