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  1. 46 minutes ago, OrbWeaver said:

    My understanding (and I might well be out of date on this) is that image_useNormalCompression should default to 0, because we do not supply precompressed normal maps and compression of normal maps tends to look bad, but image_useCompression should be left on (1), because compression of regular images is normal practice and these are supplied as pre-compressed DXT files anyway (in fact they may ONLY be supplied as precompressed DXT files, which means that some combinations of disabling image compression will result in all-black environments since the non-compressed original images cannot be found).

    According to the descriptions given in the game console, image_usePrecompressedTextures is the cvar to 'use .dds files if present'.

    If your only TGAs are things like light textures (which tend to have forceHighQuality set in the material) and cubemaps, image_useCompression shouldn't make much difference, but working with TGA assets I haven't compressed to DDS yet, I found they had horrible colour banding on my system and only looked decent with image_useCompression turned off.

  2. 3 hours ago, kingsal said:

    Alright- But I think its a poor design choice to make a feature everyone uses worse to encourage a less used feature.  I think locking the player in place is too much of penalty for an action players do all the time.  There is opportunity to lessen that penalty by reducing their movement by 50 percent or something during that animation. 

    It makes sense  to not walk during mantling,  you're moving up in the Z direction. 

    The language of 'overpowered' and 'balance' does seem to me to be curiously placed here. If you're making a shooter, and one weapon is so much more effective than others that they don't even see situational use; or if you're making an RPG with selectable abilities, and nobody wants to invest in +1 damage against mud elementals when +10% evasion against everything has the same cost, then okay, you have a balance problem. That the feature to make moving ragdolls over distance more practical is chosen by players intending to move ragdolls over distance doesn't strike me as the same kind of thing.

    Edit: to add a more positive note, I think this perceived problem may relate to the fact that players are most often dealing with human bodies. In Thief a dead/blackjacked crayman just can't be moved from its spot, which means you choose your spot carefully if others are around. In TDM, if anything is like that it's... the horse? But in TDM you also have AI you can drag but not shoulder: so, the lanternbot. Also spiders but you're unlikely to want to hide a spider corpse. I see the new werebeast is also set not to be shoulderable but it remains to be seen what effect that has in gameplay.

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  3. One of the mysteries of Doom 3's development is the shadowDraw keyword. In D3 it exists in shaderdemos/shadowDrawLight in shaderDemo.mtr but the code to recognise it seems to have been stripped out at some point.

    shaderdemos/shadowDrawLight {
    	// this would default the same if not specified
    	lightFalloffImage	makeintensity( lights/squarelight1a.tga )
    	// this stage will be drawn normally
    		map lights/squarelight1.tga
    	// this stage will be drawn on the shadows, still modulated by the lightFalloffImage
    		map		lights/squarelight1.tga
    		rgb		0.5

    The leaked Doom 3 E3 demo comes with a variant of this material and will accept the keyword, but doesn't do anything with it that my eyes could discover. My guess is that id was experimenting with it as a way of reducing the black shadow effect on some lights.

    I've only played through D3BFG, which apparently brightened some scenes, and when I played the leaked E3 demo I was struck by how oppressive its darkness was atmospherically. There is no flashlight in the demo; instead you can spawn light grenades from the console that work similarly to T2's flares. Constantine would have approved.

  4. You could try putting a path_flee_point_rats in your map, but it seems fish have to be pretty close to the blast to want to flee it.

    Edit: setting is_civilian seems to make them keener to flee, but I don't know whether that's all the spawnarg controls or whether it's also involved in 'Don't kill innocents' objectives. I notice rats don't have it.

    Disabling unarmed_melee also seemed to help.

    Despite having been able to injure one with the blackjack before, I'm now finding them remarkably resistant to melee weapons...

    Edit: ... which is an unexpected result of having af_push_moveables turned off. The rat and tiny spider have it disabled too, so arguably it's the default setting for ambient AI even on land, but if you want to slice up fish you should re-enable it.

  5. And I've discovered why my initial attempt to disable searching had no effect: the spawnarg is canSearch, not can_search as in can_drown or can_unlock. And I put the wrong one in the updated def, so I'll need to change the download again. Coming momentarily.

    Edit: done.

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  6. Thanks for the help. I imagine they might be missing something that the search internals expect; I didn't give them an AIUse value, for example, but they inherit visual and communication S/R so maybe they ought to have one.

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  7. Maybe turning af_push_moveables off has just made my mine better at killing them all because they're no longer so good at pushing each other out of the way. With enough survivors I get a crash too, and assigning a search anim in the model decl doesn't prevent it.

    Edit: updated download is live.

  8. https://www.textures.com/faq-license.html#anchor-games says 'you need to release content that has been created using our materials under a closed source license'. I tried googling for "textures.com" site:thedarkmod.com and out of the results I got, the only one that clearly seemed to identify a texture as coming from textures.com was in R Soul's red button. That attribution is also in the readme packaged with it, which doesn't otherwise identify any licence, open or closed.

  9. Well, credit goes to the person who actually made the model; I just did the format conversion to get it working in TDM. I wasn't planning to have a wholly Lovecraftian mission, just one of those moments when you swing through an open window on your way through town and stumble upon something sinister. Of course, anyone else could use it too.

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  10. @Geep HMart made a tracker entry along those lines once: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5045

    Arcturus made an MD5 animated fish for his 'animated grass test' map; I imported the EoS one because it already had an AI def to build on.

    @STRUNK I'll supply a download link once I've cleaned up the 'testbed' set-up (currently it's using a partial version of the Arx scriptobject, which it probably doesn't need just to swim around, but I need to check swapping in a generic TDM AI scriptobject doesn't break the animations).

  11. Yes, I know about that. Since it changes long established (albeit unintended) behaviour, I'm noting that if it stays and isn't in release notes it's going to perplex anyone who was used to being able to blackjack lanternbots.

    On the other hand, some of the discussion above seems to favour introducing a KO zone, so I'm asking whether the question was ever resolved.

    (At some point I need to check whether a one-hit 'backstab' on a lanternbot is possible; if it has time to whistle before it can be killed, that'll increase the difficulty of dealing with one over and above whatever noise the sword makes.)

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