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  1. 56 minutes ago, STRUNK said:

    I can't get the .pfbx (my prefabs have .pfb as extention btw) in my editor

    .pfbx is a new file format for prefabs that was introduced and made the default in DR 2.8, which preserves grouping information. You need DR 2.8 to open it.

    4 hours ago, JackFarmer said:

    the file format is missing

    I believe you need to manually type in .lwo or .ase at the end of the file path when exporting a model. Can't say why your "Use entity origin..." option is greyed out.

    On 6/3/2020 at 8:00 PM, JackFarmer said:

    Don't custom entities become automatically highlighted when in frob distance?

    See attached example. The properties "frob_distance" and "frobbox_size" seem not to change anything.

    As Geep already suggested, the material used by the model (...sq_shield) is missing frob highlight stages. Those are the 2 blocks referencing parm 11 - you can copy-paste them from any other material and update that 1 line with "map     [file path]" so that it matches the diffusemap of your current material.

  2. @HMart that looks promising, but it still leaves unadressed the greater problem of knowing whether that particular position is suitable for spawning an AI onto. What if the position is inside/behind a wall, or the AI's bounding box intersects with monsterclip.

    There no doubt are methods for finding viable pathing locations (otherwise, how would AI be able to search for the player), but the question is whether and with how much work they can be accessed by scripting. A more convenient solution might be to have the mapper place teleportation entities in various suitable positions on the map, then have the script search for the one that's closest to the player and use it to teleport the AI in.

  3. 1 hour ago, Bienie said:

    Quick question, is there a way to add a custom item into the player's inventory? I see a target_itemremove in the entity list but no "itemadd". I want to have the game add a specific item to the player's inventory when an objective is completed. I have made the custom item, which doesn't need to be dropable. There are also four fragments of this item that need to be removed from the inventory at the same time, though I assume the itemremove would do that for me?

    In that case you can specify a completion script for the objective in the objective editor, i.e. bienie_add_item. The script could look like below:

    void bienie_add_item()
    	$player1.replaceInvItem($bienie_custom_item_part1, $null_entity);
    	$player1.replaceInvItem($bienie_custom_item_part2, $null_entity);
    	$player1.replaceInvItem($bienie_custom_item_part3, $null_entity);
    	$player1.replaceInvItem($bienie_custom_item_part4, $null_entity);

    bienie_custom_item_complete would need to exist somewhere in your map, i.e. your blue room.



  4. On 5/25/2020 at 4:55 PM, Apiai said:

    Black objects with FM Down By the Riverside



    This skin bug has occurred a lot recently in 2.08 with models whose file paths contain a hyphen (“non-extinguishable”). @stgatilov has recently put all skin definitions into quotation marks to avoid warnings when reading these file paths, and he’s also reworded the associated console error. Paradoxically those changes seem to correlate with the appearance of this bug. I don’t think there were any changes to skin behaviour?

    Also, I can’t reproduce this on my end, neither with old nor new versions of the .pk4: the skins work even if they don’t have quotation marks. I do know that nbohr1more was able to get rid of his problem by redownloading the FM.

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  5. 13 minutes ago, Apiai said:

    Do I have to overwrite sounds files in tdm_sound_sfx02.pk4 file, or can I make a new tdm_sound_sfx03.pk4 using same sounds names ?

    Yes, you can do it with making a new tdm_sound_sfx03.pk4. The .pk4's get loaded in alphabetical order and overwrite earlier .pk4's.

  6. @Apiai I'd try deleting the FM from your darkmod/fms folder (the name is river), then redownloading the FM. If that doesn't work, I'd appreciate if you followed these instructions to create a memory dump and post a download link for it here. (Basically when you have the message "TheDarkMod.exe has stopped working" on your screen, open task manager, right-click the process of TheDarkMod.exe and click "Create Dump File".)

  7. It occurred to me that I'm still missing credits for 2 models that I found on free online repositories. Checking those websites again, it turns out that they don't state anywhere who made any of their models (one of the websites says it's for 3d printing).

    This makes it very doubtful whether I can use these models, because it's possible they're being distributed on these websites without their authors' consent. Is there maybe some hope for something that could redeem my use of these models?

  8. 7 hours ago, Dragofer said:

    While you're here, I'd also type a name into "Mission". This will setup a folder for your mission in darkmod/fms where your .map file and later other mission-related files get stored.

    @ricon I forgot to say that, if you did what I suggested above, you'll also need to put a darkmod.txt into the folder of your mission (darkmod/fms/name_of_mission/darkmod.txt), and "Install" the mission in The Dark Mod. Maps should be saved in darkmod/fms/name_of_mission/maps.

    Like this The Dark Mod can see your mission folder and the .map files inside it. I've attached a darkmod.txt that you can use and edit.


  9. 5 minutes ago, ricon said:

    when I right clicked and choose the option add entity, there were no entitys.

    That sounds like DarkRadiant hasn't been told where your darkmod folder is. You can check this by clicking on File in the top left of the screen -> Game/Project Setup -> set Game Type to The Dark Mod 2.0 (standalone) and set the path to your darkmod folder (i.e. D:/games/darkmod).

    While you're here, I'd also type a name into "Mission". This will setup a folder for your mission in darkmod/fms where your .map file and later other mission-related files get stored.

  10. Indeed, I think it's mostly practical reasons. First you need to recruit enough voice actors (1 for the player/briefing, at least 2 for a dialogue between NPCs), and ideally they should sound similar to one of the existing vocal sets. Usually you get multiple takes, among which you need to pick the best for each line (or ask for more takes if none of them hit the mark) and then edit & split up the recording into individual files for each line. Then each file needs to be setup as a sound shader, and each sound shader needs to be referenced by name in the conversation editor. And of course you need an idea for what should be said in the first place. A lot of steps/hurdles on top of all the other mapping work, but I agree that it does add much to the immersion and storytelling.

    Missions which have voiced lines, off the top of my head:

    • The Painter's Wife, aka the Bikerdude/Shadowhide city FM, which has re-entered beta a couple days ago, has been upgraded with a lot of voiceovers and a voiced briefing recently.
    • Basically all Goldwell missions, no doubt aided by the fact he's a talented voice actor himself with good contacts in the Thief FM voice acting scene.
    • Volta missions
    • I used several scripted dialogues in Down by the Riverside. I didn't use them in One Step Too Far, my first FM, because I had enough on my hands with learning the editor, nor in Perilous Refuge, my third FM, because that was intended as a less labour-intensive release while I continue working on other more ambitious projects.
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  11. @NeonsStyle 2 things to look into:

    • to be on the safe side, I'd change the names of the normalmaps so that they end in _local instead of _n. Don't forget to update the material with the new names.
    • surftype15 shouldn't be in quotation marks

    Also, these files don't happen to be stored in a dds folder? If they're .tga they don't belong there.

  12. 20 hours ago, SuaveSteve said:

    How big is it compared to behind closed doors?

    It's a good deal more expansive than BCD, so much so that it's taken some effort to get the engine to compile it. A lot of people have had their hands in this FM over the years, with Bikerdude and Shadowhide contributing a huge chunk of those manhours.

  13. @Atheran welcome back, and you sure sound a lot more knowledgeable than me about modelling now. For me modelling is just part of my toolset as an FM author for getting things done, alongside sound/image editing and scripting, so I'm glad to see a (newly baked) specialist in this field returning to the forums.

    Regarding the tools, Lightwave isn't obligatory. Arcturus and I use Blender, while I know others use/used 3dsmax, softimage and wings3d. As long as it produces .lwo or .ase models it's all good.

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  14. On 4/19/2020 at 9:42 AM, chakkman said:

    Wonder what happened to Bikerdude's new mission. Can't even find the thread about it now...

    Pretty much since bikerdude posted that invitation for public testing we've been working without interruptions (6200 Discord messages to date) on getting the mission into a polished state. Betatesting has been on hold while everything from the briefing to voiceovers, conversations, readables, main story, scripting and balancing was getting revised or implemented.

    That's all virtually done now, so at the moment we're making quite a unique bonus area (mostly it's bikerdude building and myself scripting) before we resume betatesting, which will be announced by a post in this forum. The mission has really undergone a metamorphosis since the last test build and I'm looking forward to seeing it happen.

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  15. On 4/12/2020 at 4:31 AM, nbohr1more said:

    Crucible of Omens: Behind Closed Doors

    A few oil lamps are now black:




    Probably related to adding more Dragofer assets to the core mod or path renormalization?

    BCD uses a very outdated version of my first oil lamp, so apart from a visual similarity it has nothing in common with the lamps pack I committed to TDM recently (in terms of names of skins / defs / models), except for a material which was already present in earlier TDM versions.

    This blackness looks like it can't find the skin anymore. Might have something to do with the fact that the model path contains a hyphen (/non-extinguishable/) and that recently all stock skin definitions were updated to put model paths into quotation marks to avoid problems with such characters?

  16. 3 hours ago, PranQster said:

    I wish I could make the AI sway and bob with the boat.

    In Down by the Riverside I've used monsterclip brushes converted to func_mover to push AIs sitting inside or on a carriage. Should be possible to make the boat move at least on the horizontal plane, if not vertically / rotate.


    41 minutes ago, Jedi_Wannabe said:

    What happens when you bind him to the boat?

    AI can't be bound, they'll disappear at map start.

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  17. Anyone got some experience with modifying the strength of gravity in part of a map? The TDM Script Reference only has enableGravity() and disableGravity().

    I was thinking of adapting the slow-fall potion script, but it seems to use SDK-level coding (which I can't access in scripts) and it wouldn't affect moveables.

    I heard that some Doom 3 branches have a so-called Volume_gravity entity that modifies gravity within its volume by a vector (so it could even change the direction of gravity), but we don't seem to have any entities with "gravity" in their names in TDM.

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