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  1. OSe

    Bugs circa 1.03

    <br /><br /><br /> Win XP SP3, AMD X2 5000+, 3 GB RAM, ATI HD 3870 Sapphire just updated drivers, playing 1280x1024. I got the problem fixed by disabling the catalyst A.I. and now it runs at 30-50fps no matter where I go. Thanks anyway.
  2. OSe

    Bugs circa 1.03

    I'm having fps problems. The games framerate drops to less than 10 in certain areas of the game. For example in Glenham tower, once I got inside and walked closer to the dead man, framerate dropped. Once I backed away from him, the game continued to run smoothly. The same happened when I climbed on top of a broken elevator near some boxes in Betrayal.
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