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  1. wanted to start a thread esp for this problems... and the beginner is this one (this are my first steps in this area of mapping...so maybe it is very simple: i have two movers, both fly along a nurbs kurve...with this script: void movewisp1() [and a second one "movewisp2"...] { $mover_irrwisch1.time(49); $mover_irrwisch1.decelTime(1); $mover_irrwisch1.accelTime(1); $mover_irrwisch1.startSpline($path_irrwisch_1_1); sys.wait(49); } both should fly simultaneously, and this is the problem... if i throw this two things in this one: void main() { movewisp1(); movewisp2(); } first the "1" fly and after that the second one... i also tested to "call" both scripts with a trigger but with a trigger you can only call one script (right?). and to use one trigger to trigger 2 other trigger which "call" the one and the other is possible but unaesthetic for 10 movers... so, how can i handle this problem in an easy way?
  2. thanks Shadowhide. yes, that was the problem, i checked this before but never came on this idea...why cant i select a nodraw after deactivating VPs ?
  3. hey, i want to dreate a func_rotating, but after give it the nodraw tex i cant select it anymore...havent got this prob before...?
  4. thats what i want to have for all screens, constructive ideas, thanks sh
  5. i think the left street very cool , thats also my prefered style...(i also have the loundry in my roads, and i think i will be the first one...) i think two or three little things on the street itself can reach some more detail ( some broken wallparts / a wagon modell) @ shadowhide: you know that it is not so easy to create a not so boring map...so give suggestions or advices...
  6. argh, i also had this idea, but i wanted to bind the modell to a second "negative"rotator and that didnt run (i think because of binding to 2 things)...but i missed the step to change the modell to a func_rotator itself . Thanks for this little punch Fidcal^^
  7. sorry, have senn this topic only now... i also often had such problems...if a patch is sunk inside a brush or patch or if ther is a small leak between them it could happen...not every time but sometimes, dont know where to search or find the limiting value... best way is that the patch perfectly fits all flanking patches and brushes.
  8. thats the way i normaly do...but the modell is now rotating as well, and that shouldnt
  9. ähhh no . the problem is hard to explain, in german as well, but with my language knowledge...thats not possible in english XD. so i bring the problem to one single point: in func pendulum i can change the angle spawnarg to set the swing direction. is it possible to give the angle spawnarc a thing like sin(t), so that it is a changing swing direction over time? same problem with the func shaking and the shake spawnarg...
  10. want tio create a moving object, it should be a pendulum, which is frequently changing the direction of the swing, but not the direction of the entity itself... normaly i create this with a func_pendulum and a func_rotating but with this the entity is rotating as well... so is it in anyway possible to give the direction of the angle or shake spawnarg a time dependent parameter ( like sin(t) ) or is this a bigger skripting thing ? or a easyer one and i think it is not so easy ?
  11. ahh yes, hes right, a REALLY spoony mistake...searched for mistakes but missed the forest for the trees
  12. i tested to implement the dds,tga etc in the original tdm pk4s...and it works fine, so this isnt the problem... 7upMan also tested another way of creating the pk4 but that wasnt positiv.
  13. reloaded DR and shaders .pk4 is in darkmod folder and the other ones (materials,dds,textures) are folders inside this .pk4 DR is set up to for game folder in the paths i used the same /\ like some weeks before (when it works), only changed the path i cant see the tex in the texlist in DR
  14. in the next days i sort all my started maps out...give some screens in my box of this one i give free...where to post / send the started ones than ?
  15. yes...dont know who this is bikerdudes "my" johannes . dont know if i use this for a fm in future, but i have some other started maps...i could look for them the next days or did you mean you dont know the name and werent in my picture thread until now ?
  16. what i created: a new .pk4: tdm_textures_eigene with the folders: dds / textures / darkmod / eigene / all .dds files textures / darkmod / eigene / all ._ed and_local files materials / all material files and the material file have the direction in the text : textures/darkmod/eigene/ name of tex cant see the tex.. where is my mistake ?
  17. after creating some own textures i implemented them into the specific folders, but after the last update they arent anymore because the .pk4 files were replaced.. is it posible to create a new .pk4 with only the own textures inside or should i implement them after every update new into the pk4´s ?
  18. i think the orgtex is def. a real masterpiece...in TDM are only some of this kind of texture and this arent as goos as this one, also if you scale them down. there are some marble tex which also looks nearly like this one.
  19. good yes but far away from the other one...you clearly can realize all geometry...but thats it in modern games, it stands and falls with the textures...thanks Bikerdude
  20. i also realized that...please give a shot with a normal stone/bricktexture.
  21. also this looks realy good... its a bit unified, but if the grass is created more varied this could be VERY cool...maybe in smaller areas...but this could look like in modern games (new grass for Tels ) when i posted the treemodels no one wants to create something...is there nobody who is incorporated in blender & co or is it the bad timeproblem ? or left with Nosslak the last active modeller this place ?
  22. ok, i used this because of tradition...but sorry for this retake...
  23. we should start a campaign for new tdm supporters... it helped ones it should a second time
  24. argh, and i hoped to give a answer to this big question...but so i havent to test this how i understand it is not possible to integrate a (.roq) vid before the mission starts. but before it ends. is it also possible to integrate it right in the middle of it ? fe to give a short storyvid.
  25. because iam also working on a vid and found this in inet: dont know if somebody tested this until now (i have to go to bed now and will test it tomorrow...) http://forums.filefront.com/sw-jk3-modding-mapping-editing/221961-how-make-roq-video.html
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