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  1. now some problems with dialogs... want to create a scene with dialogs and some movement...what is better for this a script or the editor or using paths ? when i use a path anim the animation wouldnt renderd, i only have to give angle and anim spawnarg (?) and where can i find this way of walking: 1:14 ?
  2. ok, know the problem, but most programs read over the line break (fe C#). Is this in TDM, so C++, not the way to go?
  3. got the next prob with the sound.... i created the soundshader like sotha described. in DR i see this one and when i choose it i also can see all implemented sounds ( i alsoo can play all of them). So the shader work how it should do. But ingame there is only a short ping instead of the sounds. EDIT: the console says that in line 7 of my shader is a unknown token...but i used same syntax like sotha described...and in the DRE it works ??? ok, after a new run all runs fine. changed in shader: sound/...../xxx. ogg to sound/..../xxx.ogg normaly this doesnt make a difference !? is this a diff in the soundshader ?
  4. yes, thanks, now it works. didnt do anything in another way but today i can choose it...maybe i was a little bit tired yesterday^^
  5. and also in this thread, so that everyone will notice: the FM has now a name and a official missionscreen picture and comments please there... http://modetwo.net/d...x/page__st__250
  6. and now the official title and missionscreen for the upcoming fm:
  7. thanks sotha, the sound shader is finnished...where should i save it ? in the mapsfolder with the map name or in a new "sound" folder ? tested both but didnt work...
  8. little trigger problem: is it possible to trigger one sound of a list randomly? for example triggering randomly one barking sound of 5 implemented ?
  9. oh, hard to give an idea, every time when i say that this is the way to build the rest of the map my creativity is comming up and say do this, do that, and so its all bigger than i thought about it in january. also the story changed some times and 7upMan is hard working (hopefully...an 7upMan: scherz) on this point. Because the last 2 weeks i have a low point, the progress is slowed a bit. But in my opinion its better to have a good mission than a fast "half" finished one hope u understand my point of view
  10. ahh, you mean shadowhide, i for me never had problems with him . but i know some topics which you are talking about... and also when i gave some advices somebody fought them directly. to say this again clearly: if i say something its an advice not criticism.
  11. 1. its enterable 2. no model trim, compl my own work edit: argh, the plants on the right are models
  12. i often think about the problem of the "not so good" nature models in TDM. after seeing this: i think the trees could look more like this. yes, it needs bether hardware but they look much bether. i played around with blender in the past but the DR editor is more my way of creation new worlds and not a modeleditor. or did i miss this models in the list ?
  13. no panics, it is in the "what are u working on..." thread...first impressions... and no its not for seasons con...i dont like to build with running out of time
  14. because everyone is giving some impressions i also have to take a screen:
  15. thats a good one, but also there a newbe have to search VERY long and have to experiment long time. My idea is to do this VERY simpel: see the topic of the script, read some lines of discription and copy the nearly finished script into theyr own, change some things, finished
  16. because i have to do scripting in some weeks i want to ask if we, or those who skripted allready can create a library of scripts (or does such a thing excist allready?) . I mean this way: topic discription code f.e.: ghostlight, moving lights a moving light allong a nurbscurve { {$"name of the mover".startSpline($"name of the path or nurbscurve"); ##give the mover the path to fly along sys.wait(49); } void main() { $mover_irrwisch1.time(49); ##speeddefinition/time for the whole path in sec $mover_irrwisch1.decelTime(1); $mover_irrwisch1.accelTime(1); while(1) { movewisp1(); } } i mean also this for many people very complicate topic could make it much easyer for new mappers...copy into the script and change some parameters for the map... if there is such a thing, sorry for that
  17. thats the idea...my old laptop , before i created and build up my new machine (called "nabla-operator" for the math, nerds and engineers) i also played tdm on it...thats the way to test, thanks for this idea...so everybody (except betatesters) can fully enjoy the mission at the first time.
  18. the prob is: i create on 4x 4,5 GHz , ATI HD 6970 (2 GB) , 8 GB cl 7, on ssd if i create more and more detail...i dont check and see the end
  19. thanks for this, when i reache a real "this is it" stage i come back to this...(but dont forget than the finished mission is not as good as it could be)
  20. sorry for that but ....noooo XXXDDDD....also the severs are hard to render on 7upMans PC...after some optim it shouldnt be that big problem but such a slow sys...dont know After changing to my new Sys with all high end components and overclocking its hard to check when it is too much of detail^^
  21. to rech the most fans, i posted it here: all those who know my screenshots also know that the sysrequ. could be high in some areas (for those who dont know: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/12167-johannes-box/ ) because 7upMan is testing some parts and i want to know how far i can go, i want to know if there are systems which are much slower than this one of 7upMan: AMD Phenom 2 X3 720 - 2,8 GHz Triple-Core 4 GB DDR2-1066 Radeon HD5770 This one which are faster than this one, dont care...
  22. nope, walking 3 ai since a week...only added some brushes and 2 or 3 patches...and deletet lights as well... but why should it be ok after reboot in this way?
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