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  1. Thanks. I checked the separate scripts folder (didn't know of those) in this map (Pearls and Swine) and copied the files from there...Works now
  2. Hello and happy new year everyone! I want to add a combination lock and have tried the entity 'atdm:combination_lock'. According to the "help text" in DR it should be no more to it than just add the target. Alas I get this error message at game startup: "Script object 'numberwheel' not found on entity 'idMover_atdm:numberwheel_980'." I've seen this combination lock used in a working mission and when I check that mission in DR I can see the author has done exactly as I...
  3. Is there some way to "grab" or "extract" the target-info on an AI in real time? I would like to see exactly where he messes up.
  4. Hello! I have problems with AI that move into a conversation and then shall continue on their way. They sometimes turn around and go to their latest target. The goal is to make AI_1 walk along his route, stop and talk to AI_2 and after they are done, AI_1 will continue on his way and AI_2 shall start patroling via a RiT-system. I have made a placeholder Talk_sound so they sputter some gibberish, so I know the conversation works. The conversation ends with the actors triggering their respevtive atdm:target_changetarget where AI_1 has his next path_corner as "add" "AI_1_path_corner_42" and AI_2 has his RiTnode And now to the funky part. AI_2 always goes on with his RiT-nodes as expected but on the other hand, AI_1 will SOMETIMES start patroling BACK to his former path_corner, and then back to the place where the conversation took place where he pauses. I believe it has something to do with what "target" spawnarg that is originally put onto the AI_1. When building I have changed his path corner and position in the mission to start more where the conversation will start, to save time mapping and this seems to have an impact. It's the "sometimes"-part I get confused about. I can accept the characters behave strangely because of errors, but this is totally random and the AI_1 MUST continue the right way, or else it will break my mission...I cannot seem to get my head around the randomness. Is it somehow that the game signals the AI_1 to walk to several path_nodes simultaneously and the game picks at random? Like some timing z-fighting? I have a special script that uses atdm:changetarget entities that removes the previous target from AI_1 but the bastard just ignores his orders! Has anybody else had problems with this, that AI that are leaving conversations, either doesn't move or move back or some other weird stuff?
  5. Not gonna participate in this one I'm afraid. Still working on my mission though
  6. Assets from 2.10 you say... Seems scary to add stuff from an not-yet-released version? How do people go around that? Do they install two separate versions of the game? I feel like I'm the only non-computer guy here As a side note, what features are available in 2.09? I see a bunch of coding fixes and assets but no direct "feature" Maybe I'm just tired from night shift... I can see mr Bohr's steamy eyes wanna lure me into this I want to, but I don't know if my main mission would love to be put aside again...I hope it's not mandatory for a contenstant to announce their participation in this thread? One could lurk with a mission and poke around in DR and when you feel you're having something to come up with, you chime in, right?
  7. My body wants to participate, but I don't know if my mind will join in. I am working on my main mission yes, but a part of me would like to start a new one, better planned from scratch. The positive thing would be to do just that, set goals from the beginning and create a nice, small mission... But will my energy be burnt and the main mission set on too much hold? Too bad prior work isn't allowed On a side note, definitely not to sound cocky, but isn't it too easy to rake in all extra points just by adding a few extra, random models here and there from every new version? I don't know from memory exactly what model is from which update but aren't there at least one small and unassuming piece of the world in each? I think the added asset should have at least some significance to the story to count.
  8. I stumbled upon the solution to this as I randomly browsed the wiki. (Should have looked more careful from the start) One should add the spawnarg "noFogBoundary" 1 on the foglight. That way the fog doesn't get "painted" over the sky; instead it's clear and only the buildings and structures are fogged and therefore all emitters like fire and chimneysmoke are rendered as the should.
  9. Since this is the newbie question thread, here's one that I feel really should fit; (I believe I should know this, but no, I do not ) You probably think I'm nuts but is there any simple way to see/know exactly where every material definition and skins and such are stored? I would like to "Hey, I like this model I found in DR, but I would like to tinker with it (add a new skin to it or change the graphics in some way). I wonder where the material definition and graphical textures are stored..." My solution this far has been: extract every single pk4-folder and search through them one by one and open the text files I believe contain the stuff I need and after 30 minutes my head hurts and I want to kill everything within 50 meters... It would be golden to be able to enter the Skin name, from the model inspector in DR, somewhere and get a pointer to which folder the material files/data is stored...
  10. I don't think your comments were too personal. More like it gives the review a more personal flair and colour. Not just a boring, totally objective look on the mission. I usually fall into the desire to create unique gameplay when I make my missions, and though my next one will have some special aspects, it won't contain any uncharted/unique gameplay styles
  11. Oh, sorry for not noticing this post earlier...Yes, that works. (But I have already put an hour into searching through the mission for all faulty models I'm an expert on spending my time wisely! Haha)
  12. I have dabbled some in creating custom models/modules and when I changed the path/maptree I (of course) broke a lot of models in the mission. Is there any easy way to find these broken blue/black boxes besides snaking through the mission with noclip or in DarkRadiant? Could it be possible to implement coordinates? The consol is very useful when it comes to reporting not functional visportal separators. The consol error; "Couldn't load model: 'models bla bla (nor the fallback to LWO)
  13. Not a questioon but damn! Today I learned that you can resize brushes that you've converted into func_statics WITHOUT first reverting to brushes, by pressing the tab key. THAT will save me tons of time, especially in situations where the func_static or entity is littered with spawn args, like when you need to resize a trigger box or those clip boxes inside chests etc...Before knowing this I used to copy the entity and drag it aside to save all the spawn args, and then reverted the original brush to worldspawn, resized it, and remade it to a func_static, and then added all the spawn args from the copied box...
  14. I miss those times... Are there any plans for any upcoming building contests? Perhaps something to ponder...
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