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  1. Sad day for content creators and internet users as the EU parlament just passed the higly controversal copy right reform :/ https://www.eff.org/de/deeplinks/2019/03/eus-parliament-signs-disastrous-internet-law-what-happens-next

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    2. Anderson


      Well, systems like YouTube are ”safe harbour” rules to avoid having to deal with the legal system. Nothing better was invented thus far.

      Because we cannot go with the assumption that pirates who make money off of sharing are the good guys if they have ads all over the place (Neij and Sunde v. Sweden at the European Court). Leading to the pirate movement failing in Europe. Lost seats in the EU Parliament.

    3. peter_spy


      It's not that much about the pirates though. On YT, people abuse copyright system to stifle critique and videos they don't like, since the system is automated, and they don't even have to have a valid reason for copyright strike (or be a certain legal entity). People who got a copyright strike need to explain themselves first, not the one who's making a claim.

    4. Anderson


      Agreed it is against all common sense concerning bona fidae. But all questions are to YouTube, Google specifically.

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