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  1. Does anyone actually use the Normalise button in the Surface inspector? Even after looking at the code I'm not quite sure what it's for.

    1. Frost_Salamander


      No, but I'm glad you asked because I could never figure out what it actually did.

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  2. Who is actually working on new missions right now? That I, the greatest mapper of all times (and I say this in all modesty, it is innate in me) am working on something epochal is clear to everyone by now. But who else is working on new missions? Please let me, your God, know, because it's so depressingly quiet here and I don't like to post pictures all the time, because even for me it gets a bit too boastful (although justified) with time.

    1. Frost_Salamander


      I have one in the works too (Lieutenant part 3).  Made a lot of progress but ground to a halt after my holidays.  Will probably pick it up again soonish.

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  3. Shadow maps is all around me.

    1. Frost_Salamander


      I am wondering why we even have stencil shadows still.

      Previously when I had a weak CPU (old Xeon) and a 'decent' GPU (GTX 1060), I got better performance with shadow maps so that's what I always used.  Now I have upgraded (Ryzen 5600X and 3060Ti) and I get similar performance with both, but sometimes better with stencil.  Point being if people upgrade GPU more often (which I guess is the probably the case) then they should get better performance with shadow maps?

      Also I think some people just prefer the appearance of stencil shadows?  I don't care, personally. although if shadow softness with maps is too high they can look strange.

      Also as a mapper stencil is a pain, because you only get some graphical glitches with stencil shadows.  For example light bleeding from behind things or some z-fighting with some materials, and you always have to test with both shadow implementations.

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