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  1. question: as seen in hitman and splinter cell it is possible to see clothing effects in real time. would it be possible to seperate the clothing and but it over the character and than move it in real time as the animation of the character takes place or is this mor difficult than animating the clothing directly into the character?
  2. it still looks a bit to comic like. the green of the eyes is too green, the white too white and so one. nontheless it looks great.
  3. got a way: Layer - > New Adjustment Layer - > Brightness/ Contrast than add to this layer a Gradient in the direction you need to fix the highlights (in our door example a gradiant black from top to white at bottom) now add to both layer a Filter - > Offset so that the bottom line is next to the top line adjust the brightness / contrast add to both layers a Filter - > Offset with the same count as last time multiplied with -1
  4. one thing to the door texture up a few posts: try to avoid the "natural" highlight, i mean that the door is brighter on the top end than it is on the lower end. it will look strange in the game especially to people like me who have an eye for it. persective and slightly not down straight 90 degree angles do also look strange, for this case use the arbitary tool in photoshop
  5. real nice things, thx for the link
  6. just wanted to say that im still on the case but got little time in the last past days.
  7. hi, i just talked with rezniac about my model that i was about to texture. he said that i should rather add the details from the texture as real vertices in the model. well, thats where i do not know how. although i think i do not need to make the wood like look on the table plate by model because its flat, i need to know how i should fake it without a texture? or for example how do i make rough wood surface? a rusty metal, old leather etc. do i need surface modifiers or just much time and an eye till i get it right? i know for clothing surfaces just as banners, jackets, well everthing lik
  8. a master wouldnt have a short sword. i dunno what you disliked about garrett in t3, besides the fact that you could see his face. looks realy great. your concept gives a perfect idea for texturing the 3d modell.
  9. if you say the pic "a portrait" is a all hand worked picture id say you got just the right talent. if it is "just" a over-worked photo, you still get the idea of "fakin" drawings. especially for the drawings we need id say it would be right. lets see what fingernail says
  10. well, if you tell me how i am using bump maps, light maps and stuff i would say i finish the modell here (except for the missing moveable drawer) its still about 10.000 polys, but highly not optimised. i just started modelling it without thinking where i could save polys
  11. i think im with max again. i fixed the legs and will no make details and drawers for the table.
  12. yeah, that one i worked out after the shot was taken, but its not so easy because i dont want to destroy the "snail" at the feet by plain thicking it. maybe i will modell them again. question to the programmers: will ther be moved drawers or is this work not neccessary? do you want it animated?
  13. a very early first try of the table. i think i will add modelled drawers, so they can possibly be used in the game by anymation or physics or what ever.
  14. http://www.old-furniture.com/vl/Beeld020.jpg so my first one will be this one or one looking quite like it. as i do not yet have doom 3 i have no idea what polycounts there stuff have. i just work it out, makin it low-poly afterwards is not that big deal. textures often take more time (in my case, im not that experienced in texturing, yet) so i will work with 512 x 512. maybe tonight i can give you a first shot.
  15. i remember the making of blade 2, where the custumes designer spoke about clothing and the problem of dark clothing the clue is, that you have to do very much with different materials. the breaking of light, the "smoothness", how contrasts you recognize, reflections, colorchanges (violet to black and the other way round) in the case of the hood you should try this, maybe different colors for inside / outside, a material wich allows to see structure, maybe a artifical bright up in the face as it has been made in thief deadly shadows
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