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  1. i try to add monsters from Quake4 & Prey in Doom3-Roe.. for learning how scripts are working , i removed errors / warnings of maps... doom3 maps do not have a lot but Roe is more buggy... here is a topic in a forum about this : http://idtechforums.fuzzylogicinc.com/index.php?topic=589.msg6310#msg6310 as i have solved nearly all errors , i made a 7z files having corrected files and all maps recompiled . the link to the file is https://goo.gl/c2J1hf the 3 txt files that are also in the exe , are the console log files . there are warning left , some are like false positives , few others are about bugs in models.. i am not able to correct them yet as i do not know a model editor able to import/export md5mesh correctly . to see some big changes , watch the sky in caverns roe....instead of something grey you should see a nice lamp i hope to ear your opinion about it and get last corrected files .
  2. thank you for the link..i read it , and jumped to the dmap section.... i tested few parameters with dmap of doom1.31 ; it seems that only few settings are working .. i wonder if it is better to use lightcarve and shadowsopt 2 or not ? my idea about viewports is also to help "moving" inside the map like in game playing... i am sure that xboxpad are still not use by editors...that like "video keyboards" already use plenty of combined shortcuts using keyb & mouse... http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Dark_Radiant_Controls,_Keys_%26_Mouse i agree that is cool to have them...but learning them all takes a lot of time...and should make some newbies stop trying to become a mapper ;'] to solve errors , i used the log console with ultraedit . so i was able to spot the right entity in the map file . reading the map shows that brush & entity are numbered , so i used the search box that uses number to spot them . dmap also helps to get errors that are not shown by map loading for play
  3. using darkradian and others radians or quark is not that simple for a newbie ... months later i started , i am still unable to move anything nor the view..i just found the zoom with mouse3... while in a two Dimensions screen , using two sliders on the borders help getting the right position... i already asked for the use of the 3d window with a xboxpad to find the right position and entity...with big detailed playable map that is the easier way to spot places [ in my opinion ] i try adding monsters from quake4 & prey to a mod using reordered maps of doom3&roe . by now i removed a lot of errors that were in maps , def , scripts... there are still some but as false positive like with antivirus or to hard to be found or solved ...i ll soon publish a "1.33 update" patch . here is a topic i opened in a other forum about removing errors in doom/roe maps : http://idtechforums.fuzzylogicinc.com/index.php?topic=589.0 for errors or resizing models , i only found fragmotion and a bug in it : http://www.fragmosoft.com/forum/index.php?topic=1190.0 i tested blender but it has only a md5mesh/anim exporter... with your link to the actarus tool , that is good for creation...but i need importing model [ some olders release were able...] . may be you have the files i need ? i found in the darkmod wiki , the mayaimport dll for maya7 that i have installed with a fresh xp ... i am still reading the docs how to use the parameters ...and i saw some are stored at the beginning of the def file...the question that still puzzles me is how will i turn back to md5mesh the decompiled/modified model ?
  4. i hope 2.50 will have an easier system for handling the view windows...plus make something for modeling models md5mesh & md5anim
  5. with threads that should not take longs ... and seconds are not so bad when mapping... I think you should try to create a 3d windows [with weapons : for showing or not triggers...or adding monsters...etc] managed by a xboxpad ; that makes the 3 others 2d windows following it , plus the text file windows showing the map file and notably the selected part or object . of course there should be an other 2 d window with timer to help debugging scripts or create animations . I did some test with doom 3 1.3.1 and dmap ...with gpuz ...if I use dmap in full screen the gpu [rx480] is at 0% during compilation with a temp of 70 ..., if I use window-mode then the gpu is all time 100% , with a temp of 90 ...of course it drains twice the power... as map will be always bigger and more complex ...I am sure that entering it and editing it by the 3d is the best... the "hammer"-"radiant" way is good with little maps made by one mapper that has already the 3d view in his head ;'] I think prey2 is a good example of that... it was restarted many times from zero...and final release is more half-life-source-2 than prey...
  6. forum is fast with M$-ie11 but unreadable with Google-chrome ...Firefox is in the middle...
  7. add a "tracking text file" : i mean that when you select an object in the screen , then in this window you see the part of the map text-file you are working on ... with a "lock" I saw with the search entity/brush box that you can use to find an objet...it gets it but if you reopen box then numbers are not the same ...
  8. they should work...for prey , it is not showing in the listbox , for quake4 : the edit concerns the base folder... try these games and even wolfenstein ...they are the best games... i hope to use models of wolfenstein in hl2 ...as some opposing force new enemies ... and some of prey and quake4 as new enemies in doom3... i was able to find q4 & prey for 5 euro https://www.g2a.com/quake-4-steam-key-global-i10000043658002?___store=english https://www.g2a.com/prey-2006-steam-key-global-i10000035423002 but not wolfenstein 2009 it came with a serial only in multiplayer...as there are no more player... i can upload the free sp ...that has crypted files in base folder... https://www.reddit.com/r/patientgamers/comments/4qjmf0/does_anyone_know_where_to_get_wolfenstein_2009/ intel make a board with 80 cpu to render it using raytracing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolfenstein:_Ray_Traced
  9. i am not easy attaching files to the post , i uploaded a zip : https://mega.nz/#F!uJxUhCRA!C7Gf1pgWdaVSnVpaZpSEig
  10. object being saved , that is exactly what i need .. my project around doom3 is to add monsters from quake4 and prey . so a model tool showing md5mesh with textures and def/script files would give a boost ...and able to save all the files correctly with the idtech4 games tree is awesome at the same time may be you could update the gui of darkradian to use two or more monitors . one in "fullscreen" using directx or opengl that shows the rendered map file , this windows being usable like the "in game windows" : the player/camera-view being moved by a xbox360pad . the others 2d windows in the others monitors tracking the position of the 3d . that would help to find the right position with big map , and do little changes like adding monsters or models with keyb&mouse . with this new windows system , you could also add a "tracking text file" : i mean that when you select an object in the screen , then in this window you see the part of the map text-file you are working on . i looked in the game file folder .. i found a bug in the quake4.game : the base directory is named q4base . i also made a prey file i hope you will make a great tool for handling models..[even those of wolfenstein..]
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