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  1. btw anyone know how the grass edge textures works? Do I apply fund_static on world spawn with edge textures then lay directly ontop of the grass/nongrass textures or?
  2. Question: when a trigger_once ambiance (a non-looping speaker that gets triggered once) is played during my testing, pausing the game and then unpausing it will stop the ambiance from playing. Which I obviously don't want that to happen as the music sets the tone of the starting area where it's played. So how would I do to prevent the ambiance from cutting off when I pause and unpause the game? Remove the menu music entirely?
  3. Ahh thanks ^^ no worries I've got the A-Z tutorial and the door guide open. The problem was just the Door wiki mentioned merging using CSG tool or the clipping tool (but never specified how to use them) right before how to add atdm:movers_door so I though you had to merge them first before you could add the movers.
  4. Though messing with the CSG tool I don't think using it really helps me cause I still don't know how to use it @-@. I was thinking more of how I could merged brushes into a single entity or model that I could apply properties to. And grouping things don't really help cause I can't add them (unless there is a way?).
  5. Ahh alright thanks! I was making a simple custom door. Nothing too bad just a rectangle with a couple rectangles attached to it.
  6. Newbie here! Was just wondering how you merge different brushes into a single brush(?) or model or what it's called? I've tried using CSG Merge but all it says is "CSG Merge: Failed - result would not be convex."
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