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  1. Just today I was in a fanmission where I had to infiltrate a house, and almost immediately found a route into the privy through the sewers, provided one was willing to trudge through a heap of dung. I said to myself "You know, just this once, I'm not going to crawl through sewage this time." I found a backdoor instead.
  2. I had actually intended for him to have been through a 'necromancy phase' that occasionally comes back to haunt/help him when the spirit world is involved. Best slang I can think of currently is: -Newt-Blinder / Newtmonger (reference to using Eye of Newt) -Banewright / Jinxwright / Hexwright (various names for curses, portmanteau'd with a name for a craftsman) something more succinct might be better though.
  3. I wasn't quite sure where to put this - there doesn't seem to be a 'lore' section that I can find, but the general section will do. So, mages. They're not (legally) permitted to make a profit from their magic. But of course that means there's a healthy black market full of dabbling bookworms who learned a couple of charms and now peddle their meager magical talents in back alleys and after-dark pubs. My question is this: What do we call them? Essentially, I plan on making a mission centered around such a character, and I need a snazzy slang term for a mage who operates outside the law for
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