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  1. Just today I was in a fanmission where I had to infiltrate a house, and almost immediately found a route into the privy through the sewers, provided one was willing to trudge through a heap of dung. I said to myself "You know, just this once, I'm not going to crawl through sewage this time." I found a backdoor instead.
  2. I had actually intended for him to have been through a 'necromancy phase' that occasionally comes back to haunt/help him when the spirit world is involved. Best slang I can think of currently is: -Newt-Blinder / Newtmonger (reference to using Eye of Newt) -Banewright / Jinxwright / Hexwright (various names for curses, portmanteau'd with a name for a craftsman) something more succinct might be better though.
  3. I wasn't quite sure where to put this - there doesn't seem to be a 'lore' section that I can find, but the general section will do. So, mages. They're not (legally) permitted to make a profit from their magic. But of course that means there's a healthy black market full of dabbling bookworms who learned a couple of charms and now peddle their meager magical talents in back alleys and after-dark pubs. My question is this: What do we call them? Essentially, I plan on making a mission centered around such a character, and I need a snazzy slang term for a mage who operates outside the law for profit. The term 'Hedge-wizard' doesn't really cut it, that's more of a derogatory phrase used by more upstanding mages to look down their noses at the common apprentices. I'm looking for something from the point of view of fellow thieves and cutthroats. How do they refer to their more magically-inclined peers who sell them arcane arrows and breath potions?
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