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  1. No problem mate. Thank you for being part of the community! And for creating those missions : ) I'm gonna check Accountant 2 now and your other FMs I haven't completed yet. Cheers.
  2. Very cool mission. At times a bit creepy (like the spider place or abandomed house which gave me creeps) but overall I enjoyed it. I was very thorought, so I wonder where I missed ~300 gold. I got 6/6 secrets.
  3. That's true. Never thought of it as a audio cue whenever guard opened door that is close to you. But then again if you leave it open, then the guard will proceed to close it, giving that audio cue anyway. The only difference being that it takes longer for the guard to open and close the door than simply close.
  4. https://clips.twitch.tv/PrettiestVibrantCiderImGlitch Can't deny that I bursted out laughing when I saw this, didn't record my voice though.
  5. I do this too but much more rarely than the mentioned shelfs, crates, doors.
  6. So from my entire The Dark Mod experience I noticed that I roleplay the main character (be it Garrett or someone else in the FM) harder than I realized. What do I mean by that? Doing things that are "pointless" in terms of the game mechanics or AI mechanics. For example closing all shelfs, chests, doors after being finished exploring/stealing to leave them the way they been before I arrived. As far as I know guards can't tell whenever the shelf or chest was closed before and they do not become suspicious of that, but I close them anyway. Doors on other hands, from my experience I noticed tha
  7. Speaking of William Steele 2: Home Again, I'm currently playing it and I must say it's a really well made mission. Might not be entirely my cup of tea on beginning, but it's neat idea. Well anyway, I think I'm near to finishing William Steele 2 now. Cheers for creating those. @edit I feel like I could have done better with the loot score, but I'm satisfied. I'm guessing that most of the 3k I missed was lying in the "roof" parts of the mission. Results:
  8. Looks interesting, like Veeall said, good ambience By the way I hope those big white doors near Thiefs Guild window will be open in Act 2. I got an idea that this was a Builders place and they were singing in there or something, thought we would get to explore it in Act 1. Possibly Act 2 or 3? Or I guess you put it there just as an sound effect to make better atmosphere for the level which is fine either way.
  9. Hey! I really enjoyed the first William Stelle of yours. I'm not a beta tester or QA either, but I can keep an eye for potential visual bugs and issues. If not I would understand. Cheers.
  10. Also I must mention how I really enjoyed how many lootable paintings there are. I think this is something that is really lacking in most of the fan missions. In your mission, there are lootable painting in almost all apartaments and shops, which is quite nice for someone who appreciates the stealing aspect of Thief PS. Since I love breaking things up I found one visual "bug" if you could call it, the smoke from one of the chimney is misaligned. This place can be accessed by opening this vent and jumping onto it and roof ^.^ Also nice view I guess it wasn't intended to get the
  11. I really like the exploring aspect. For example I have also found like 3 secrets in the time of like 1 hour. They all were pretty good hidden only by exploring every corner and jump mantle you could find them. The secret with boxes was pretty satisfying. I'm hoping to get at least 6 out of 8, but will go for 8 Great mission so far.
  12. Thanks for creating those missions and keeping the game fresh and alive I think I said it once to you in PM or somewhere but will say it again; my favourite FM I ever played on TDM was created by you. Can't remind myself of a name, but I remember it had a prison/warehouse atmosphere with I believe some sewer parts. Can't wait to check this one after I finish Shadows of Northdale. Cheers. @edit I found the FM you created that I fell in love with. It was William Stelle, but I'm not entirely sure which one exactly. It must have been the first one though, since I barely started playing TDM ba
  13. Thanks for the tips. Next time I get fps issues, I will try to restart the game. About the combat autoparry. I have it enabled, but it doesn't help much, if enemies sometimes attack you faster than you can parry them.
  14. Thanks for info, but all the stutters I experienced before were prior I installed and used Eax fix. I installed it just a day ago and played William Steele 1 with it so far - no issues.
  15. Yet it dropped when I very first visited it. What do you mean it's my setup? That i5 and GTX 960 can't run two lights? lol. It's obviously a game fault. Engine or maybe loading. Maybe I was unclear about the issue. I can run the game smooth 60 fps in all missions. The only time it dropped was the tutorial (screenshot), the Requiem room with last puzzle and in some other FM with a lot of lights and open area. I don't have any static fps issues with the game right now. Goldwell: Yeah, that's what I thought. Like it might be game startup or map loading issue. Some memory leak or some kind.
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