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  1. 1 hour ago, Frost_Salamander said:

    HI @huntaffer. Thanks for playing 🙂 .  I will add a hints spoiler to the first post.

    Where were you seeing the issues with the AI being blocked?  It's not been mentioned before so some details would be helpful. 

    EDIT: secret hints and spoilers added to the first post.

    Many thanks for the hints ;))))


    The tiny switch in Pembroke's house was really hard to find , but in the end success.

    Regarding AI blocked or not, I made some screenshots and sent you in 3 messages.

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  2. Very nice mission , I enjoyed it very much, although some secrets are VERY hard to find. 😃

    Although I read all the readables , I am not able to find 2 hidden switches:


    1. The stash behind the toilet in the apartement of the widow Smythe writes about.

    2. A stash near the hideout of the thief girl .

    Would you please advise how to find them. Maybe you could hint all secrets in spoilers.

    I also noticed that soldiers or other AI do not chase you over some boundaries , although there is no physical obstacle between you and them. They just stop and start to throw you with stones which is so ridiculous.

    It seems they just respect the end of their places.

    Can it be adjusted ?

  3. 10 minutes ago, DeTeEff said:

    Glad you like it!

    The script resets a lot of stuff in the city (respawning downed guards and adding extra guards if you've downed a lot, depending on difficulty). The trigger box that fires the script is located by those stairs in the service tunnels/sewer area. 

    Regarding the home door 

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    You don't have to lock it, it's just a funny little easter egg I added, that occurs if you don't lock it. 


    I guess you don't mean "easter egg" as a segfault in the linux binary , do you 😁 ?

    Regarding the horror elements

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    There are no more than some gruesome details in some readables and despicable behaviour by some people (torturing women, displaying them in their bedroom etc.) But there's no supernatural elements or something like that. 



  4. 7 hours ago, DeTeEff said:
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    To rip out the golden teeth from the head in the corner. Speaking of horror/creepy elements... 



    Yeah, thanks. I managed to find out before your answer. I thought the tongs is meant to disable the alarms, so I 've been searching on the wrong spots first.😁

    BTW . Is it possible to disable the alarm mechanism on the porcullis system ?


  5. On 5/30/2022 at 8:45 PM, Tarhiel said:
      Reveal hidden contents

    You need three parts of the evidence;

    -The diary in the safe
    -Any of the letters in the desk
    -The torturers log, in the interrogation room.

    @DeTeEffThank you for pointing out those thongs, I did not know when or on what to use them.
    the crowbar was self-explanatory.

    Regarding the evidence - I had all of those and I read all of those till the last page, yet the mission objective did not check-off as complete.


    Please give me a hint how to use the tongs in the interrogation room. I have no clue.


  6. 6 hours ago, Nort said:

    The assumption actually wasn't general. Two out of two reporters have the only common link that they're both using Linux. I imagine that segmentation can work differently on these operating systems, and bugs can of course occur even if there's full support for something. Once I buy a new computer, I'm going to try switching to Linux with this machine, and if I like the support it has, I wouldn't mind forsaking Windows altogether. That's what I think about Linux.

    I personally prefer linux on my home computers and have been playing  TDM on linux since 2017. 

    I started with TDM 2.05 32 bit, I feel it became more and more stable, but segmentation faults can occur any time in any mission in my experience. I do not have much experience playing TDM on Windows.

    I hope it's only a programming bug, not related to linux system  files or Nvidia drivers.

    I can "anytime" crash a TDM mission by shooting fire arrows at enemies.

  7. 7 hours ago, DeTeEff said:

    That bug seem to come from the script that repopulate the city after returning from the Roughboys hideout. It's called restore_city and checks for how manu guards and which guards/civilians have been downed

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    and it checks if you've locked your home door. 

    It's one of the longest script in the mission. 

    Hi DeTeEff

    Thanks for commenting, I suspected this to be a bug .  It's funny and weird. 

    You mean at mission start I need to lock my home door ?

    Do you think a fix is possible ? 

    Very good mission. When I started to play it, I thought this is below average quality and gameplay, but man , this changed very quickly when I reached the pub scene and started to follow Clerwick.

    The Roughboys' hideout and the perimeter is very cool. I do not like the horror part of the story , but apart from that 5 out of 5 stars.

    Awesome work. 

  8. Hi DeteEFF & taffers, please help, maybe I found a bug that needs a fix.


    I got a segmentation fault when leaving Greynard's place, after the main objectives were completed.

    Screenshot attached with the exact location, passed through some watery area and where are some stairs appear .





    I managed to "noclip" through the beginning of the stairs and I can continue my leave from the tunnels.

    "You forgot to lock your home door. This could be a bad thing...
    signal caught: Segmentation fault
    si_code 128"


    (I am playing on Manjaro Linux KDE kernel 5.15 , TDM 2.10, NVIDIA GTX 1650, driver 510.73.05)


    I mostly get segmentation faults in TDM missions under Linux  when shooting fire arrows to enemies.


    I also experienced issues with lighting up dark places , like the boiler room or where Greynard's safe is.

    Sometimes the lantern does not light up the objects, I need to retry twice or more to be successful.

    Strange , never saw this before in TDM.




  9. 18 hours ago, datiswous said:
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    Got it, I expected a bigger thing than fireballs shooting each other . 


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    Well I think your character also says: the enemy of.. But yeah it's very optional. I never tried moving over the lava area without freeing the special guest first. Might make it more challenging.

    Yep, now clear., thanks mate. I just rushed through the lava section to complete the sabotage , did not care about this solution. Based on the view of the destroyed cell I expected a funny monster like creature ,

    lilke a cyclops in the Dark Messiah of Might and Magic game.


  10. 1 hour ago, datiswous said:

    You didn't find the special guest?

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    You need the very old key to open a door behind the portal you start in the lava area.

    It's worth revisiting the mission if you missed this part.




    Thanks a lot. It seems I missed that part somehow. Anyway I still miss the point in that objective.

    The thing was released , but nothing "fun" really happened afterwards.



  11. Great mission JackFarmer, thanks a lot for your efforts.

    Somebody mentioned the captions / subtitles , which is a good idea.

    The chef (Bikerdude) spoke very fast , for me it was not easy to get at once where the key was hidden

    for the special room, but in the end I managed it. I enjoyed this mission very much.

    I wonder if the "special guest" should be searched / found , what is the "Very old key" is for ?



  12. On 6/2/2021 at 1:17 PM, huntaffer said:

    I replayed this mission in TDM 2.09 and found an annoying bug that the metal door in the sewers leading to the prison cannot be lockpicked. (in TDM 2.05 it was OK when I played years ago)

    Also the footlocker under the boat cannot be lockpicked.

    Found out that the older version of this mission does not have this problem if copied to 2.09 from my old 2.05 FM folder.


  13. On 3/6/2021 at 7:45 AM, Dragofer said:

    The mission has been reuploaded with a small fix for the lag that begins after lockpicks are picked up - the downloader should offer to update the FM. Please let us know if there are still problems in this vein with the FM.


    I replayed this mission in TDM 2.09 and found an anoying bug that the metal door in the sewers leading to the prison cannot be lockpicked. (in TDM 2.05 it was OK when I played years ago)

  14. Hi

    The mission (x64) crashes with segmentation fault when loading on my old PC 

    AMD Athlon X2 4000+ ,3GB RAM,  Nvidia Geforce 405 (driver 340.108) , Lubuntu 20.04

    Is there a minimum RAM for this mission or TDM 2.08 ?

    So far all missions could be loaded , except this one.  I know it's not optimal, just cuirious. 

    The mission loads on my 2015 DELL notebook just fine.

  15. Thanks for the "Christmas surprise"  Goldwell & Kingsall. It was a plesure to play the mission. 

    Very nice atmoshere and the objectives challenging and cool.  If it was really created in 2 weeks , I would welcome more missions from you ;)

    I never find all the loots and had a lot of fun in the end to see which ones I missed ...hahaha

    The only confusing thing in this mission is the letter in the "pagan hut" , I spent hours to search for the valve to shut off and how to clear the snow .

    Goldwell just commented it was not an objective at all and I think this should be defined more clearly.

    Also the objective to kill the spiders appear only after completing it and as I read it was just like that .

    I found one bug as well, one guard walks to obstacle tower wall above the bridge that leads to the sewers.

    Is it a mission bug or can be adjusted with any TDM parameter ? I saw this behaviour in other missions as well a lot of times.


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