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  1. Thanks for the "Christmas surprise" Goldwell & Kingsall. It was a plesure to play the mission. Very nice atmoshere and the objectives challenging and cool. If it was really created in 2 weeks , I would welcome more missions from you ;) I never find all the loots and had a lot of fun in the end to see which ones I missed ...hahaha The only confusing thing in this mission is the letter in the "pagan hut" , I spent hours to search for the valve to shut off and how to clear the snow . Goldwell just commented it was not an objective at all and I think this should be defined more clearly. Also the objective to kill the spiders appear only after completing it and as I read it was just like that . I found one bug as well, one guard walks to obstacle tower wall above the bridge that leads to the sewers. Is it a mission bug or can be adjusted with any TDM parameter ? I saw this behaviour in other missions as well a lot of times. Greetings.
  2. Congrats Bienie One the best missions I 've played with lots of fun. The mapping is very cool. It was not too hard to find things like in so many missions.
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