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  1. Yep, now clear., thanks mate. I just rushed through the lava section to complete the sabotage , did not care about this solution. Based on the view of the destroyed cell I expected a funny monster like creature , lilke a cyclops in the Dark Messiah of Might and Magic game. cheers
  2. Great mission JackFarmer, thanks a lot for your efforts. Somebody mentioned the captions / subtitles , which is a good idea. The chef (Bikerdude) spoke very fast , for me it was not easy to get at once where the key was hidden for the special room, but in the end I managed it. I enjoyed this mission very much. I wonder if the "special guest" should be searched / found , what is the "Very old key" is for ? cheers
  3. I replayed this mission in TDM 2.09 and found an anoying bug that the metal door in the sewers leading to the prison cannot be lockpicked. (in TDM 2.05 it was OK when I played years ago)
  4. @Dragofer @nbohr1more I tried the 32bit version and the tweaks as well in 64 and 32bit, but no success . It seems 3 GB is not enough for this mission. Instead of the Segmentation fault error I got Out of memory error explicitly. Thanks for the hints though.
  5. Hi The mission (x64) crashes with segmentation fault when loading on my old PC AMD Athlon X2 4000+ ,3GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce 405 (driver 340.108) , Lubuntu 20.04 Is there a minimum RAM for this mission or TDM 2.08 ? So far all missions could be loaded , except this one. I know it's not optimal, just cuirious. The mission loads on my 2015 DELL notebook just fine.
  6. Thanks for the "Christmas surprise" Goldwell & Kingsall. It was a plesure to play the mission. Very nice atmoshere and the objectives challenging and cool. If it was really created in 2 weeks , I would welcome more missions from you ;) I never find all the loots and had a lot of fun in the end to see which ones I missed ...hahaha The only confusing thing in this mission is the letter in the "pagan hut" , I spent hours to search for the valve to shut off and how to clear the snow . Goldwell just commented it was not an objective at all and I think this should be defined more clearly. Also the objective to kill the spiders appear only after completing it and as I read it was just like that . I found one bug as well, one guard walks to obstacle tower wall above the bridge that leads to the sewers. Is it a mission bug or can be adjusted with any TDM parameter ? I saw this behaviour in other missions as well a lot of times. Greetings.
  7. Congrats Bienie One the best missions I 've played with lots of fun. The mapping is very cool. It was not too hard to find things like in so many missions.
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