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  1. Hi Sad to hear you are not that interested in it anymore, but completely understand why. Thanks for taking a look. I will try the candles in vanilla too. Am using them in a Sikkmod based build and the candle bodies are the colour of mud normally and then when the add stage takes effect the bodies turn bright white. Its just really curious how they are a million miles from the nice orange glow of your screenshot. Obviously TDM is using all sorts of special image programs too, so perhaps its related to that. Thanks again. Cheers
  2. Hi Bikerdude How are you doing? been a long time since we last spoke... hope things are good with you About these candles... I just can't understand how Zombies screen shot looks so different from the results I (we) are getting. I can get close to the screenshot if I totally change the texture colour... Maybe it is another modification he has installed like nbohr1more suggested? I think he was just using vanilla though... Also Zombie went for a sprite based approach for the flame as that is what I asked him for at the time. We were going to reuse an existing flame asset that we alread
  3. Hi We are having the same issue in Arx EOS too, so its probably not a TDM specific issue. I have not fiddled around with the shaders yet to try and work out what the problem is yet. Its on my long list of things to do. Thanks
  4. Hi I believe that serveral TDM modelers activly use Blender to produce models? Nemyax, one of our fine modelers became very frustrated with having to revert to previous versions of Blender in order to export MD5 models as there appeared to be no working MD5 exporter for the new versions of Blender. So he wrote his own! We have already used it to get fully working MD5 monsters into Arx and wondered if this would be of any interest to TDM Blender users. As we are all big fans of TDM we hope this will be of bennefit to someone here and all IDTech modders / modelers. Download, feed back /
  5. Hi Can I have permission to use your example picture please. What I am trying to put together is a knowledge base & basic work flow / how to guide on how to create and get a working ai / monster model into idtech. Atm was planning on making this public article for the benefit of everyone. For the time being my initial thought was to post this on mod wiki, and perhaps when it has decent content you may like to have a copy on the TDM Wiki? Seems to me that there is still no single place on the internet that has this kind of thing, such as known issues, things to watch out for, do's and
  6. Hi This map really is a beautiful creation. Custom monsters, weapons, sounds and great atmosphere. You should take a look at the work with patch meshes in the .map - the mapper was clearly a master with patch meshes! There is a spiral staircase and a curved tunnel just before you meet one of the boss monsters where the level design is fantastic check out the patch work! Cheers
  7. Hi This may or may not be true, but for me, the differences between Vista & W7 are massive, even if that is only a perception. Here are some of my personal reasons what Win7 out of the box is better than Vista out of the box. I know you can spend hours with registry hacks and tweaks to try and polish the Vista turd, but at the end of the day it is still a turd. My PC used to have Vista is now W7, the wife's laptop - which is a good spec is Vista still. Boot up, to log in, to being usable is measured in seconds in W7, minutes in Vista. Same with shut-down. The hard disk is not conti
  8. I love threads like this! absolutely love it. It gives me hope and reassurance that there are people out there that truly hate that stinking malodorous heap of effluence call Vista as much as I do. Thanks for the sharing the burden of its disappointment
  9. Thanks Greebo! Build completed successfully in VS2010 pro ed. Regards
  10. Hi OMG this is getting tedious It turns out there are more librarys needed than mentioned on the Wiki, and I can't get those to build either. Half of them build fine, however the rest just fail with various errors. Googled for a while and there are loads of people with the same problems, just very few answers. Thanks for the suggestion of the boostpro installer! Is this the right thing: http://www.boostpro.com/download/ - plan to try this if it is! Thanks
  11. Hi Thank you for taking the time to offer advice. Unfortunately it still refused to work. In desperation I used bootstrap.bat to build my own bjam.exe and it all seemed to work fine using that! Regards
  12. Hi With reference to: How to compile the boost static libraries in Windows http://modetwo.net/d...mpilation_Guide Has anyone managed to get the 'regex' library to build with bjam? The error (which I have been Googling for ages for a solution) is: Q:\Doom3\TDMsrc\boost\boost_1_45_0\boost_1_45_0\libs\regex\build>bjam --toolset=msvc link=static debug stage Q:/Doom3/TDMsrc/boost/boost_1_45_0/boost_1_45_0/tools/build/v2/build\configure.jam:145: in builds-raw *** argument error * rule UPDATE_NOW ( targets * : log ? : ignore-minus-n ? ) * called with: ( <p..\..\..\bin.v2\libs\regex\
  13. Hi Guys Stuff uploaded to the FTP site. We (Neurological & I) sincerely hope that you may find some assets of use to TDM. Please bear in mind that the files are a work in progress and not a released mod. We will keep adding to the assets and propose uploading again in the future as we add more 'stuff' that may be of interest to TDM. Please note however, that sound files not credited in the readme/credits are not allowed to be used in any mod as this is disallowed by Zenimax. We have to remove them from the mod before release. All the best guys, hope there may be something of in
  14. Hi The FTP sounds perfect! - That way I can just upload the whole thing in a .zip and you can rummage though and take what you want, the good the bad and the ugly. Cheers
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