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  1. Well, since the source code for Doom 3, on which TDM is based, was eventually released under an open-source license, my understanding is that it covers every line of code and every file such as DEF files, so that's not an issue... if my understanding is correct, of course. But since Stgatilov said that "format cannot be intellectual properly, only its software tools and documentation can be", I think that it's correct, if format means "how you write your code and with which words you write it". Words cannot be patented or copyrighted, that's how IP law works everywhere in the world, even if
  2. I've just found this topic by accident by looking for information on how the lines of code regarding weapons function in TDM* and I figured I could give some advices regarding world-building and writing if you're interested, MirceaKitsune *for the moment after exploring the Dhewm3 wiki I'm getting a vague understanding about how it all works, the .def and .script files etc, but I don't find where these files are located in the TDM pak files and the function of a lot of lines remain mysterious for lack of commentaries, I found no information about that in the Dark Radiant wiki... is there
  3. Oh, so you too have a marked difference, with a right eye almost blind while the left one is "better" I have the same problem than you, but as I suck with math & applied maths specifically about optometry I thought that a 3 dioptry difference wasn't that big, as in my mind it was a difference between for instance having a 10/10 on the left eye and a 7/10 on the right eye. In English eye measures are counted on a /20 base IIRC, but I don't know it works. Anyway, I'll send you a private message with information that may be useful to you regarding eye surgery
  4. It's always a matter of how much your difference between left and right eye is If someone has a marked difference in dioptry between each eye, such as, say, a 50% difference, it can ruin some optical effects, for instance there are 3D rendering systems that don't work with me, and also some optical illusions, so it seems that as long as someone as only a slight difference, autostereoscopy works, but past a certain point it doesn't.
  5. People with various vision-related disabilities too can be unable to see information integrated into autostereograms, for instance a difference in eye perception between left eye and right eye, and having implants could also prevent to do so, at least it does in my case, so to use such images in TDM to hide some information in a mission it would be best to make sure that this isn't THE critical information needed to solve an enigma, but rather something like a little clue among other clues, or something like an easter egg: it shouldn't be vital information gameplay-wise
  6. I present you my sincere condolences for your father's passing, and I wish you all a lot of courage through this very sad moments. If it can help, I suggest you the reading of the book "The Light Beyond" by Dr Raymond Moody, the researcher that coined the term "Near-Death Experience" by studying thousands of testimonies on this subject: https://www.amazon.com/Light-Beyond-Raymond-Moody/dp/0553278134 The people I advice to read this book usually say they found it very helpful, I hope it will help you and your family like it did help me.
  7. Having not known Grayman, all I can say is that I hope he spent his lasts moments surrounded by his loved ones. This is a sad news indeed. Maybe adding something special about him in the next update of TDM could be a good thing: in the credits, a text detailing how much TDM owes him as a developer, what he achieved, who he was, something like that... or maybe also adding something about him in the credits of his series of missions for TDM. May he rest in peace, and may his family and loved ones have the strength to bear his absence.
  8. Thanks for the wishes of luck, and thank for the information about Tesseract, I'll check that out of curiosity, as well as Red Eclipse
  9. Thanks for the wishes of luck, and also for the information regarding the average programmer's wage in England, always interesting to know I'm surprised that it would only took 6 months for a decent game, I actually planned for something around 5 years of development, since a FPS-RPG would be much more complicated. Then again, since almost everything gameplay-wise and universe/story-wise is already done, maybe I was pessimistic... what still bugs me is how much time and money would be needed for contracting work on the assets such as 3D models, objects of any size (weapons, furniture, ve
  10. Hi everyone, and thanks a lot for the quick answers, I really appreciate it, even if I don't quote you personally I'm thankful for every answer Oh and while I'm at it, thanks for the forum administrator among you that added a Dark Theme to this forum: I cannot stand bright light due to my handicap, usually my own web browser settings (black background + green fonts color) work but sometime it makes some pages unusable if contains white images used as icons for example, so I had to wear sunglasses for a few hours to browse the forum more or less comfortably before noticing that I co
  11. Hello everyone, Firstly, and at the risk of seeming dishonnest for starting this with compliments considering what I'm gonna ask in this topic, I'd like to congratulate every one involved in creating "The Painter's Wife": all of you did an incredible work, at Thief 2 "Life of the Party"'s level of quality and even better yet in that there are a few occurences where the ambiance varies, with different "tones" evoking different feelings in one same big mission -that specter was chilling, especially its disturbing "voice(s)", congrats to everyone involved in its creation ! I haven't had th
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