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  1. I actually like the pickpocket count as it is now. The only reason I go for max pickpockets in Thief is because it shows me how many there are overall, and so I feel compelled to get them all. Converesely, in TDM I've been trying to minimize this number. It's weird how my brain works.
  2. I've already found that one. I know about that command but I'd rather not use it if I can find everything myself, and I'm pretty sure I can. I'll do another sweep of this mission later, but hints are still welcome.
  3. This is one of the best TDM missions I've played so far. It took me three days to beat and felt like a massive accomplisment when I finally finished it, and I've already replayed it to try and get the remaining loot. Speaking of which, I'm missing 1 gold, which I'm sure is a lone coin somewhere. Can anyone give me a hint to where it may be?
  4. I've always been an advocate of consistency in stealth games. AIs don't have to behave realistically, but their behaviors should be predictable. Guards randomly turning their heads is not something I like, but it hadn't given me that much trouble either. Probably helps that I've played the Dishonored games before where the exact same thing happens. Not sure how this information should be incorporated into the ruleset. Should it go into section B5?
  5. Recently finished this mission and loved it. Big thanks to everyone involved! I got a bonus objective by finding a book in Allodric mansion. Are there any other bonus objectives or is it just this one?
  6. Yeah I added the engine exploitation part because otherwise it'd seem like it's allowed, although at this point I don't know of any engine quirks that could help with ghosting.
  7. Greetings everyone! I recently got into TDM and am already having a lot of fun playing through and ghosting missions. However, coming from Thief, I am mostly relying on the rules and my experience with that game, while there are clearly differences in how TDM works. Right now, there is talk in the ghosting discussion thread on TTLG to amend the ruleset and include clarifications pertaining to TDM. So I wanted to drop by and ask: is there an active TDM ghosting community already and have any rules for this playstyle been developed? I would also like to ask someone to take a look at the draft of this addendum to see whether everything looks correct: https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=148487&page=16&p=2473352&viewfull=1#post2473352 Thanks!
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