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  1. Many thanks, yes that was the problem. I didn't even know there were different versions of .NET (nor do I really know what it is!) The message when DS4W ran was you need .NET blah blah download? I just clicked and downloaded .NET! Now if DS4W had add in caps: MAKE SURE YOU GET DESKTOP VERSION! it would have save me a lot of trouble. Anyway, got DS4W running, but as with Steam there are ZERO instructions. So, blunder through guessing what to do... DS4W recognises my controller. I ran my Steam game and disabled controller support in Steam to avoid conflict. In DS4W I created a profile and named it SPLINTER CELL ONE. I set triangle to be key C (crouch) as a test. Saved the profile. Can't see anything else so went in game. NOTHING. So, exactly as with Steam, you can guess how to bind keys but no clue how to apply that to the controller in-game. The controller does respond in the test window in DS4W. I've had one or two sessions a day for the last week or so trying to get this game to work with a controller but I can't spend all day so I'll try again later or tomorrow. I usually find when I eventually discover how something works that I can explain it step by step to someone else in about 10 easy steps. That should be in Steam and DS4W but alas, they have a totally different mindset and assume everyone has a crystal ball. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks, yes, I did try that a couple of days ago without success. DS4Windows is supposed to enable any joypad on PC, but when run it said .NET needs to be installed. So I installed it. It stills kept saying .NET needs to be installed. I checked and .NET is correctly installed. But DS4W still won't run, it just says .NET needs to be installed! I keep fiddling with Steam's gamepad config but still no luck. But I have found the steam general discussion forum finally. Initially, I clicked community but then no sign of a general steam discussion forum, only games. Several days later I discovered you need to hover over the word 'Community' not click it, then you get a drop down.
  3. I've plugged my ps5 joypad into my pc's usb. It seems to recognise it in game because move and camera work and a couple of (wrong) buttons. My problem is how to map buttons to keys, specifically for Splinter Cell. Steam's recommended buttons don't fully work. So far I've added an action set and named it Splinter Cell. As a test I assigned key C (crouch) to the X button. It shows in the config on screen. But when I switch to the game itself it doesn't work. How do I assign the action set to the game itself? I've had about four sessions trying and got nowhere! I've tried export but that did nothing. I once saw 'apply' I think on another page but when I clicked it there was no noticeable effect.
  4. Fidcal

    Metro games

    That guide looks excellent, thanks! I realise my mistake. The hole to get through is very bright when I played it, and I assumed it was outdoors. D'uh! Yeah, that's the room I remember now. -Fid
  5. Fidcal

    Metro games

    Finally got Exodus so I'm playing 2033 and last light through again first. Same old head-scratching because I forgot most of the quirks. Currently I'm stuck in the library in Moscow. I got through a hole in a wall into a small room. Here is where I got stuck for AGES last time, but this time I remembered you have to shoot something through a half-open doorway. The other thing I recall I've not reached yet: it's something totally non-obvious like shooting a chandelier to smash down a door. However, where I'm stuck is another door. The guy leading you tells you to do something but that is not captured in the checkpoint. So I don't know what I'm supposed to do but I'm guessing it's to do with opening that door. He just lounges against the door while I do all the work! Died 20 or 30 times from lack of filters. I've gone round and round but I can't find anything. Key? Am I supposed to go back through that hole in the wall? I can't. I've tried jumping upright and jumping crouched but can't get through.
  6. I'm using Firefox on a pc tablet in portrait mode to read fiction stories so it's like the page of a book. That means I have plenty of vertical space but not horizontal. Is there any way to have more toolbars instead of that overflow feature? More specifically, I'd like to have the nav items (back forward home reload etc) and address box on one toolbar, then other tools on a separate toolbar below it. I can't find any add-on to do this. There are specialised bars such as a Facebook toolbar, but no general-purpose toolbar onto which you can add the tools you want. I mean, the overflow feature itself seems to be a bodge because they know there is a lack of space on one toolbar, so why don't they provide more toolbars!
  7. I'm giving it a try through Tor Browser. What puts doubt in my mind is many add-ons themselves gain immense access to your web activity, even including passwords and bank accounts - nor do they declare that no data does or ever will be uploaded. So it's blind trust. One of the above mentioned I found by searching the web that they do NOT upload anything only to discover later they'd been taken over by another profit-making company - and then they in turn taken over by another. How do we know it's still true? Or won't be in the future? What would a profit-making company make out of such an add-on unless it syphons off personal data and trades it?
  8. Yeah, it's a battlefield - but that's true of all commerce - us against them. Society needs businesses to make ideal products but businesses are actually designed to make profit not products - the products are just a side-effect and might be anything from perfect to perfectly useless - so long as they make money who cares. Anyway, just tried Adblock Plus but it doesn't give me the control I need. I should have clarified what I want. I strongly object to the enforced popups that demand I submit and agree to the website stealing personal info about me. The only opt-out is to leave their website. They make their money from personalised ads so if you don't want them then they don't want you. As said, it's a battlefield. With most websites, I right click the popup, click Ublock Origin's 'block element' then 'create' - but typically there are several elements to deal with and a final 'veil' overlay that obscures the page. What is worse, some websites no longer function when you totally get rid of those popups. A common result is that scrolling is disabled so you can only see the top part of the page or switch to read mode. An example is https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Main_Page But Yahoo is even worse and Ublock O can't break through at all. Not that I'm too bothered about yahoo except it's a challenge. And all this within the myth of a 'free' internet (or 'free' tv whatever.) It's not free. Products cost more because we consumers have to pay more to pay for the cost of advertising - trillions of dollars wasted by society, and trillions of man hours wasted by distracting time-consuming, massively inefficient (in terms of society's real needs) adverts.
  9. The main problem for me is the big blockers that won't let you view the website until you agree to let them gather personal info about you. Yes, it is ublock origin and it works for websites I've already configured. Trouble is, when browsing or searching for all kinds of info I come across plenty of websites everyday that are not yet configured or ublock doesn't fully work for them. By that I mean, a typical website has a big popup say white panel with a message, buttons to press, and behind it a veil layer. You have to click the main panel and create a blocker for it, then each button, then maybe little panels behind the buttons then a couple more things, and then the veil layer. Sometimes after all that the website is now visible but will not scroll. There is no scroll bar nor does ctrl mouse wheel work. So you can only read what's on screen. You can zoom out somewhat to see a bit more but that's it. Web browsing is a pain these days. But if ublock origin is still the best then I guess I'll go with that. At least I won't have to learn anything new.
  10. Downloaded Firefox again to trial as an occasional browser. Anyone recommend the best blocker add on? I've been using Ublock in Vivaldi. It kind of helps but one needs to make many clicks to get rid of multiple layers - and even then the website might be obscured (I've not been able to access Yahoo for years!) Sometimes block javascript is the best option, other times a few clicks with ublock do the trick - but it's all weary hit and miss. So, can Firefox be any better for blocking add ons. I see there are quite a few.
  11. Fidcal

    Gaming Novels

    If interested in stories about games you should check out https://www.fanfiction.net/game/ Even Thief has over a 100 stories. But remember Sturgeons Law: 90% of everything is crud!
  12. Looking at a list of games planned for 2021 to see what will be available on PS5 and I see Aragami 2. Huh? Hadn't even heard of Aragami 1, so I searched and found this thread. Armed with low expectations (which is good) but some interest, and hoping it might prepare me for Aragami 2 next year, I downloaded it for about £24 including the dlc. Quite liking it so far. The precise tutorial reminds me of Dark Project. Gotta love a game designed specifically for stealth because there are so few. I like the stats page at the end of Chapter 1 tutorial - hope they have those after every chapter. I'm playing on 'one skull' (which I hope means easy) and will see if I can ghost this next chapter.
  13. Yeah, I still wish it could be made to work better as I'd like to have proceeded with it. Oh well... I might look on utube to see if there's a complete walkthrough...
  14. I'm surprised there's no existing thread for this game. I've not progressed far yet (a few hours) but most of my time has been spent sneaking. There have been only a few places where I had to shoot to survive - though that might be because I missed a stealthy way round mech crawlers and flying drones etc. I finally reached a section where there are really humanoid terminators and currently these are unkillable so you HAVE to use stealth. The game reminds you more than once that a shotgun blast might temporarily stun them (for how long I dunno as I never tried) but otherwise you need to creep. The game is first person and I just found a way to 'holster' my gun which had become annoying when you had to walk around all the time with a thumping great weapon right in front. The way is to set no weapons on the weapon wheel selector. When you need a gun, hit the key that lets you set it (the game pauses so no frantic hurry) and just set the single one you want. With practice that only takes three quick clicks and you're armed. But if you're playing stealthy that is not needed very often anyway. Crouch is REAL low! Behind an average family car I noticed my eyeline was slightly below the top of the tyres! That is a crawl! Level design often has feeble 'rubble corridors' but there have been some decent wider, open areas. No climbing sadly, only the 'ministry of silly jumps' but I manage to get on top of a couple of crates and find a broken window out of which to lob an explosive to blow up a quest item. I was quite pleased with that because I was sure it wasn't contrived by the developer. Hacking is horrible - much like Prey with having to quick side step threw the moving lines on the monitor display. Maybe you'll like it but I hate QTE or quick reflex subgames. You take a hit each time you fail and I had to use quite a few medikits (and that was on 'very easy'!) I shall only do those on criticals in future as it's not worth the hassle just to open a chest to get a few scrap parts. Fallout 4 is much better where you have to work out an actual password not play a ruddy Frogger game. Lockpicking is tolerable and similar to Fallout 4 and others like that. There are chapter saves, checkpoint saves, and occasionally manual game save points. Not perfect but better than games with only checkpoints. Enjoying it so far.
  15. So far I'm finding TR far more stealth than shooter. I'm playing on very easy and the shooting has been easy but the stealth is just about right. You only need to poke your head round a corner and if you're in their line of sight they become suspicious and you have to duck back and let them cool off. There is good tension. As with Thief, you need to scout and time your moves. It's future desolation like Fallout but with more enemies about. But there is balanced relief when you get into a relatively safe area. I definitely want to try it on a harder level later, but for now I'm enjoying it. Mind you, I've only met the lesser machines so far and no actual Terminators other than a cut scene where I crouched behind a car wreck. Pity the enemy are soulless unspeaking machines bit like Prey; I used to like the Fallout raiders taunting me and then I blow their effing brains out and pee on their cold dead headless corpse. One gripe I have with TR is you can't see any way to holster your weapon. I hate walking round with a big gun aimed forward all the time; it's unnatural and I'm constantly itching to lower the weapon. Far Cry 5 was bad that way but at least they had fists you could choose from the weapon selector, so, although slow to switch, those fists were quite low and unobtrusive. TR has no fists - probably not much use against Terminators! Another problem with the PS4 is the controller has a hair trigger and nowhere else to rest your finger. Now and again a shot is fired unintentionally - bloody annoying. I get that in other games but its worse in a game where you can't holster your weapon. I've not figured out how to install chips yet. Anyone know? Maybe one has to have an advanced crafting perk?
  16. It's certainly got its strengths and weaknesses. I had more trouble with the fast travel. I had to get to Petrus which was marked on my map with the objective marker, but when I reached that point (through incredibly unbelievable narrow canyon corridors (towns much more open) and routine fixed encounters with beasts, the objective marker had moved. I found it elsewhere on the map and this time I placed my own way marker next to it. When I eventually reached that point the objective marker was gone again but my own marker was still there so I knew I hadn't made a mistake. I then came across a fast travel marker that seemed to go back where I came from. If the idea is to 'symbolise' or 'simulate' complicated travelling cross country to 'discover' a new location, then I'd rather they don't bother at all. I actually could not determine if I'd gone wrong or if it was meant to be confusing. It was so frustrating that I shelved the game yesterday and downloaded Terminator: Resistance. Although I've not gone far, this seems more my style: first person stealth - though ironically there have been sections of incredibly confined 'corridors', but there are open more open areas. The game saves are not as bad as I'd feared because not only are there the usual dreaded checkpoints but there are 'chapter' saves plus 'save game points' where you can save as often as you want while scouting the area and gathering resources. I much prefer this to checkpoints because at least you have control. Anyway, I'll check out Greedfall again when I've had a chance to 'cool off' and re-examine the map fast travel system. It's a huge step down from the true open worlds of Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 4, etc. And even Kingdom Come with its quirky pseudo-move cross country. If Greedfall was technically not able to provide an open world they should have simply had the country corridors leading out of towns, then the quirky trading camp areas, then one more country corridor to proceed. I could live with that, but that wasn't what I was experiencing.
  17. Ah, yes, you're right - there's an east gate too. I studied this a bit more and figured out what started my confusion. I wanted the Theleme governor to ask about the Malichor. The marker shows north and there I come across the fast travel portal in the road. Click and it shows my position on the portal and 'X to travel' and a panel with three quests listed included one to ask a governor about Malichor. I click it thinking this portal will take me where I want to go but it only shows links back to the city. By changing objectives I became even more confused. I now realise that's not just a 'sending' portal but a 'receiving' portal for locations in New Serene as well. So I guess if a player was elsewhere in the map and wanted to go to the Bridge Alliance governor they would click that marker, get to New Serene, then walk through Serene to the East Gate portal? Though couldn't they go direct? Anyway, what I need to do is ignore the objectives list that pops up by default at my position (and is an irrelevant distraction) and look elsewhere on the map and there I see what I want. Thanks. I'll give this another try.
  18. Thanks, Destined, though I'd virtually abandoned this game as bugged and unfinishable, I'll take another look. From memory, the objective marker is there in the road but when you select to fast travel, the only options are your own house in New Serene, or the Port quarter (I tried them both to be sure too.) If I go to the caravan person he has no objective marker and if I pay him 10G he offers to unknown destination names. I tried them both but they seem unrelated to anything I know. I tried setting other objectives instead with the same result. I'll take a look at the northwest exit and I'll also check if I'm absolutely sure I set the main objective. I think I did. The only thing that might relate is I tried to help that native who was thrown in prison for trading without a licence. To rescue him I had to fight in the arena! This turned out to be so impossibly difficult I abandoned it and reloaded an earlier gamesave then set a different objective - effectively abandoning the native as unsavable (by me!) I don't see how that could affect it unless one is expected to do that mission. Fairly sure that was a side mission.
  19. Maybe you or someone can help me. How do I travel to Vedrhais? It's an objective but when I follow the marker out of town and reach it then I get an option to sort of fast travel. But the only two places I can fast travel to are in the town I just left!!!! The marker won't let me walk further up the road. So how do I get to Vedrhais?
  20. As indicated in other threads, I keep looking for a decent game to play. Prey was OK and likely I'll replay it sometime, but explore more of the features. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order was promising after struggling through puzzles then finding there was no quick way back to my spaceship, I gave up. Pity. Plague Tale Innocence I enjoyed somewhat and almost finished but instead watched the ending on Utube. I just couldn't be bothered to do it myself. Vane has charm and has its own simple beauty but I struggled with the puzzles and then when I had to resort to utube again and saw how illogical and impossible (for me) to have solved, I gave up. A few days ago was the news of the imminence of Playstation 5 with Final Fantasy XVI as an exclusive. I've never really looked at those games so learning that XV royal version has a first person mode, I bought it. I'm truly astonished that such a huge franchise that has made hundreds of millions can be so badly presented and plays like an amateur B movie - no a C movie or less. Side quests were like: 'take this package from a to b' and you had to be careful not to get sucked in because mostly you can't refuse! First person is like moving on ice. Perhaps I can't complain too much as it appears to have been added in response to demand. But the story and characters themselves seem aimed at the teens market. I hope that's not an insult to the many intelligent teens out there? I gave up early. The download probably took longer than the time I spent playing it actually! So, now I'm trying Greedfall. It's a visual joy to simply walk the streets of the start town as I love the detail - the grime, dirt, filth, of the winding streets. And the subplot stories promise to be much more interesting than just 'take this package from a to b'. But it's a crying shame there's no first person view. How I long to immerse myself more fully in the straw at my feet, the cobblestones, the stonework, the piles of broken wood and - well I could go on all day. The only climbing is at set points. There is a stealth mode but I am very doubtful about how it might be used. I had to smuggle someone out of a tavern so I crouched out the back way - only to find villains set up to attack us and no obvious way to avoid being seen. Still, I think this game might be worth a look if only for the visuals. Try googling for images - most particularly for street scenes. I'll maybe post if I discover anything more worth mentioning or if the game turns out to be hopeless.
  21. Just finished in 97 hours, Perdition ending. Couldn't choose the other ending even if I'd wanted to because there was no objective marker anywhere that I could find so basically I had to find something 'somewhere' on the entire space station! I didn't even bother. The only clue was 'atop a tower near a scary thing' which meant nothing to me. Overall I found it outstanding, despite the frustrations, and I may well play through again, especially since I didn't complete hardly any of the optional missions. (I mean, why would I want to decrypt a message which has no meaning for me? Why would I want to save anyone temporarily when it would only delay me killing everyone? Story plot was good but the storytelling was weak. Storytelling is how well a story is conveyed to the reader/player and includes emotional depth and immersion. Here are some rough personal % scores to compare it with other games I've played recently: PREY % LAST OF US(1) % FALLOUT 4 % 90 90 90 Story Plot 70 95 90 Storytelling (emotion, immersion, clarity) 90 85 95 Gameplay 90 90 99 Value (one play only) 50? 80? 20? 40? 99 Replaying value ... ?=future? 95 95 95 Originality (to me) 95 85 85 Stealth 95 20 66 Climbing 85 66 95 Combat enjoyment 70 10 99 Freedom/Open-world/Choices 30 30 90 Player game management* *Player game management is non-gameplay stuff like game-saving, maps, inventory handling, trading/transfer menus, sub-game puzzles like hacking & lock-picking - all the little things that can be so frustrating if done badly. Hacking is fine in Fallout 4 but dreadful in Prey (only tried briefly then gave up in disgust and recovered my neuromod.) I note that lock-picking is not a sub-game in Dark Mod but part of the gameplay. Prey also scores for zero gravity and spacewalking which was really well done. Fallout 4 scores for in-game construction (though flawed.) Last of Us scores for best drama. [EDIT: WOW! WHO NEEDS A PREVIEW WITH A FORUM THIS GOOD AT WYSIWYG!]
  22. Just occurred to me that because nothing respawns and one is continuously using up resources, what happens when they all run out? I mean, currently the game is fueled entirely by progressing through the space station, consuming everything. What happens after the last banana peel has been recycled and the last bullet fired? In fact, if I'd been wasteful, I'd have nothing already and it would be literally impossible to continue. I've always been on the edge of failure as it is.
  23. I was about ready to give up the game after several hours on and off trying to get into the reactor room and part of that time fighting the technopath in waterprocessing. I hardly made any impression on it. Wasted all my bullets and emp and it health meter barely went down a fifth before I died. Found the main cause of my troubles is that the difficulty level was somehow two levels higher than I chose. I know I chose the easiest level very carefully. I've seen this before in one game where having chosen the difficulty level early in the start process, it defaults to normal before launching. (although that might have been because some games expect a confirm on exit while others you just exit.) Another possibility I tested just now is that on the Playstation the left joypad is used to move up and down the option menus and as you do so, the tiniest side pressure changes a setting as you pass over it to reach another. I recall setting subtitles on the same page and changing it later. Now I've changed the setting down I defeated the technopath reasonably easily. (still used most of my ammo and all my emp though.) If I'd played on easy from the start then likely I'd have accumulated more ammo and medkits by now instead of barely scraping by from monster to monster. I mean, one single enemy and I'm left with almost nothing is ridiculous. I went all the way back to cargo bay to recycle and the nightmare turned up again! I still think the difficulty I experienced was too hard to be called 'normal'. I'd call it hard most of the time, very hard here and there, and impossible in places without enough supplies. I mean, give me 50 medkits and a 100 shotgun shells and I'd have been okay and had fun. As it is, I pick up single rounds or maybe 2 or 3 at a time! What use is that? Will I survive the reactor room with almost nothing? Dunno.... :(
  24. It may be sweet but a somewhat sticky sweet like toffee. I'm stuck again last night. Can't get into the reactor room. Just not enough info. Managed to find an overhead route into water processing and gathered some resources but also lost many in fights. The Technopath I found unbeatable but could sneak around it. But ultimately I'm back in the passageways leading to the reactor room with its damaged keycard thing. So last night I googled and found no help except to suggest the technopath is causing the electronic corruption. How is anyone supposed to know that? And what's the best way to kill it? I've emptied my guns into and it hardly scratched its health bar. In addition, I recall an audio message from a russian-sounding lady but can find no record of that in the objectives or audio messages at all. So I next looked at a dozen or more utube walkthroughs of this quest but they were all confusing and showed passageway I could not identify. I came across a ref to a body to the left of the reactor room door of someone called Talia I think who has the keycard. No such body can I find and the screenshot I saw showed a round door - not the reactor room at all. Grrrrr! The GAME should provide better info. I mean, I'd never in a million years think I had to kill a monster in another room to fix a damaged lock. Nor would I search for a keycard to a lock that's obviously damaged. Mind you, I scavenge EVERYTHING I can find anyway. There's also a storage room nearby. Why is its lock not corrupt then. But I don't know its number either. I've studied my inventory of keys but can't see anything. Also about info, it seems some objectives disappear after their done so I can't refer to them. I see messages like plug something psycho into the water supply. Why would I? I've no idea of the pros and cons of that so I left it alone. I do recall a message asking someone to do it but I don't think it said why. And it makes it an objective? Why? And that saving people thing - why? - I'm about to kill them all! For me, the weakness is all about good info. Especially since I'm playing on EASY which it definitely ain't. I'd still score Prey in the low to mid 90% but it would be more like 99% if it had better info (and a better organised inventory - I STILL have to shuffle through silly pictures to try and guess what's what. Yes, I can recognise easy ones like the big glue gun, but most of the rest are fiddle fiddle shifting through to look at what each one is one by one to find what I need. But that's the modern way - flashy graphics come before practicality. That reminds me, I see references to repairing weapons. None of my weapons has ever broken down yet (perhaps because I avoid combat if I can?) How do I tell what state they're in? And how do I repair them? I've tried dragging those spare parts onto my shotgun but it just swaps places with it in the inventory (which is a bit pointless because as soon as I re-sort then they are back where they were!) To finish on a good note, I got that morph perk and used it as suggested to become a bottle and roll through one of those cross-beam door barriers. Neat! And wisely I moved the bottle near the door to save psi points but with the added bonus that I hadn't thought of - when I came back that way I could target the same bottle through the barrier! Must remember that one.
  25. thebigh said: Morgan is the only person on that space station who eats the peel along with the banana. Lol, yeah. Reminds me of wine etc in Fallout 4 where there's no empty bottle left after you've drank it. Empty bottles were really useful in early stages of Survival mode for gathering portable water. thebigh also said: I could never really warm up to the protagonist. Yes, that's a big flaw, much of it because he's mute. That is weird. I mean, they have the voice actor for the early video so why not use it? So, emotionless, I don't like him. a big part of good storytelling is about conveying feelings. From his pov he wakes up and should be excited ready to start a new job (he thinks.) It's not too long before he gets a vid from himself telling him to blow up the entire 3/4 kilometre space station and kill hundreds of people including himself! Silence. Imagine in his head yeah ok then. He should be screaming Noooooo! and arguing with January before he finally yields to what has to be done. In fact the robot January shows more emotion than the robotic Morgan Yu. And it would help if he could contact January for help in a frightened tone. Hey January, I'm dead here! There simply aren't enough working turrets so I can't get through!!!! January replies: The damaged ones might be working sufficiently; give them a try. That would be useful and make story sense. And that sort of interaction would give the protagonist an identity - like we cared about Garrett and others. Incidentally, that reminds me I never did find the plan to fabricate turrets which the objective said was 'nearby'. I scoured the area over and over and over. There's no objective marker for that plan. Not that I had enough resources to recycle anyway, I guess.
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