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  1. Is it just me or is the Darkmod Wiki down? "This Account Has Been Suspended Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible."
  2. I compiled it on Windows XP Pro, using ActivePython, MinGW, Scons 0.96 and GTK+ 2.8.18. I had to gather two DLLs from the internet to get Darkradiant actually running, as I could not find any package containing them (they were missing in GTK somehow). I could write a wiki entry or a standalone tutorial, if desired. I dont' know what would be easier to start with, just point me in any direction and I will see what I can do. No problem there, I do know these differences . I fooled around a lot with pointers twelve years ago in Pascal, but the concept in C++ is not very different, same with heap allocation. The concepts are clear to me, what I need is practice.
  3. Ok, I have downloaded and compiled Darkradiant (from "trunk") and I had a quick overview over the source files. I played around a bit with the editor (even managed to crash it once, when I tried to stretch a texture to zero value, I think) and clicked through most of the menus. Where would it best to go from here? What are you currently working on and where could I possibly help? I'm over halfway through the C++ Tutorial you linked, much of it seemed quite familiar to me (as I read a Turbo C book over ten years ago), but some parts were of course new to me (mostly the class inheritance part). Could use a bit more practice though . I've quite some experience with classes from PHP, but those are much less sophisticated in comparison to the ones from C++ it seems. But it should not be too hard to get used to, I believe. I'm motivated to help out with anything, really. All I need is some small task to get me started and perhaps some directions too, as I expect your code base to be huge and I would have to learn some tricks here and there. If you have the time to get me involved, it may pay off later, but I would understand if you would consider this as too tedious and time-consuming. I even thought about helping out with texturing, as I have some Photoshop skills, but that would probably not good enough for your standards - and it would be too time-consuming for you to teach me, I reckon. Would your wiki be any good for me in all these matters - Darkradiant, Scripting and such?
  4. Thank you, I just had a quick look at the GTK+ 2.0 Tutorial which does not look that bad. Currently I'm downloading the entire darkradiant repository (takes quite a long time, I'd say). This weekend I will have the time to dig into the whole thing - do you have any directions for me?
  5. Sorry, no experience in that area... do you consider it to be hard to learn (GTK)?
  6. Well, that depends. I have gained programming experience in some languages since I was 12, when I started in Pascal and moved on to Assembler (I did quite a lot of system programming then). As a student I got to know C, FORTRAN and MATLAB, although I'm no wizard in these languages (but I can handle these, I think). I suppose you guys are primarily looking for C++ coders? I know that this may not sound very good to you, as I have no C portfolio to show, but I can catch up really quick with things and I'm always eager to learn new stuff. At the moment, I'm studying Technical Physics, and I hope to finish my diploma thesis within the next year. Do you have any specific problem you can show to me, perhaps? There may be an isolated (smaller) task for me to dive into things, at least I could have a look at it. Of course, if you want to stick with really experienced C++ coders, I do fully understand, just say it then.
  7. Are you still in need of such a tool or is this thread heavily outdated?
  8. Hi Springheel, I have a similar Silicon Image controller on my mainboard, and I always downloaded my drivers from the Silicon Image Website. You may want to look at this (hope this direct linking works): http://www.siliconimage.com/support/suppor...&ctid=2&osid=4& Under "SiI3x12 32-bit Windows SATARAID Driver", a ZIP can be found that contains nearly all of the files above. Besides, I would recommend a fresh install of Windows XP (after backing up your data, of course). Changing core-drivers like RAID drivers did not work very well for me.
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