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  1. And what about maximize single window? I'am working in max style layout (front, letf, top, 3D) but for precise I need to maximize one of windows. Hmm... Maybe such posibility exist and I just did not noticed that?
  2. Few years ago I was working a little in Q3Radiant. Q3 was one of the first games which used not only simple bitmap textures but also shaders. I remember, that syntax of shaders definitions was a little complicated and hard to understand, but there was a program, some kind of "Shader maker" (dont remember exact name), where you can point your textures, chose what effect you want (with preview!) and program generated piece of code for use. Would be possible to make this kind of program (or function in DarkRadiant) for making textures and materials (or even shaders) for Dark Mod? Making them b
  3. Polish is not realy hard to learn! In Poland any little kids speak in freely! Good to hear, that Timon is with us. He used my huge barrel in one of his mission so I like him
  4. I saw new Object Browser window, but for me personally it is not good layout. For internal Doom3 editor I made my own browser (by Resource Hacker) like on this image: I think, that it is more comfortable to work with, but understand, that other peoples can find it not good for them. Is it possible to customize in the same way (mean: by Res Hacker) Object Browser window in Dark Radiant? If not is it possible to make it "customizable" in next DarkRadiant versions??
  5. Like his missions, like his style. And he is very good in scripting...
  6. For Max users (I dont know Lightwave) - ASE format. If model using more then one texture should be composed of independent parts named as the path to their textures. It is not possible to made one piece model with Multi submaterials (as it is possible in T3ED).
  7. If I see good, you just rename surface as texture path? I dont know lightwave, byt in max al parts of models should be named as path to their textures. Sometimes all works good even if model parts names are short: fence01, knob02 etc but to avoiding black model syndrom I need to name parts in this bizzare way.
  8. Did you try that? http://engineering.soclab.bth.se/tools/177.aspx I foud ORB program very useful and giving much more control. I use many methods - depend on unique texture. Sometimes nvidia plugin works good enough (most times NO). But the best normalmaps of course are from hipoly objects. I am not familiar with Lightwave, but with Max and I use a little complicated method with four lights and layering four images. Results are good for me.
  9. I just send message to New Horizon, and say it once again here. Thanks for your proposal. If you want me as Team Member - Let it be. Great honour for me.
  10. Wow! Thanks for a nice words and I am really happy, that you like my works! And thanks, that you started with such wonderful idea to give Garrett new life in new engine! I played almost all FM ever created (more then 4 - 5 hundred?). I will play next. Waiting for your decision!
  11. Thanks NH! Here are some other images, not from any engine but made in 3D soft. Some of them (not all) are preliminary sketches for my FM, I was trying to made in t3ED - some are only for show what am I doing in free time:).
  12. I am interested in applying for a mapping/object maker position. Who am I? My name is Marek “MRYS” Rys. I live in Bytom, industrial (to much) town in Poland. I’am working in big Museum as poster and publications designer. Also I teach teachers connections between art and cultur, social and cultural conditions of it. I’m 38. More then 12 years I’am working using 3D and 2D software and making CG images - especially planes and other technical objects. Many of them are presented on www.luft46.com page, in LuftArt part (under Marek Rys). I’am high skilled in using 3dMax, Pov Ray, Rhinocero
  13. Unfortunatelly correct material names in model and in *.mtr files is not enough to force model to work with Radiant. And, what is most strange, not always. Sometimes it works sometimes it not works. "Sometimes" Bug? But at last I found solution. Every part in model (talking about *.ase from 3dMax) with different material should be named as full path to this material: Lets say that we have materials: //base/textures/wall_brick1 and //base/textures/wood_dark1 And the model with two parts: covered by wall_brick1 textures and by wood_dark1 textures First part of model should be named: textur
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