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  1. i am so euphoric to see new FMs keep coming out and I am keen to try it out in my leisure time, then suddenly my PC is spouting a couple of S.M.A.R.T errors...

    tbf i cannot afford myself to miss my network emulator image file&progress, important ebooks, hyper-v checkpoint & hyper-v export and the precious thief & TDM gamesaves. Don't fall yourself into & lay your hands on crappy SSD


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    2. The Black Arrow

      The Black Arrow

      -SNAP- somehow the forum double posted the same message, I think we are in The Twilight Zone of the Internet.

    3. taffernicus


      @The Black Arrow woah i remember the time when SSD was in its infancy. This took me back to late 2011 to 2013 when the capacity of ssd was extremely small (with the smallest one ranging from 40 to 60Gb) and utterly expensive. It costed an arm and a leg to buy SSD with the capacity of 120GB and above. You would often see big brands like Intel (intel 3xx and 5xx), OCZ and corsair fighting SSD market dominance. On that day, most people on tech forums advised you to put the OS on SSD and leave the HDD as the second storage because there was a notion that ssd is not good for long term data storage. Despite a series of ads showing that ssd makes your system faster, at that time I wasn't interested in upgrading to ssd because win7, 8.1 and early version of windows 10 could run fine on spinning disk. It was not until windows 10 1809/1903 that i felt it had become unusable on spinning disk.

    4. taffernicus


      anyway thank you for the suggestions. i feel like i have to swallow a bitter truth that SSD sometimes doesn't give you a hint in advance when it's on the way out as opposed to HDD. I've seen the worst with HDD : click of death, rough scratching sound and etc. My anecdote is that even though I didn't see anything suspicious about the s.ma.r.t status through the crystaldiskinfo and hdtune software, the end result is that I still get severe errors suddenly.

      I think i have neglected SSD maintenance guide. Yep this is purely my own fault. First, I should reevaluate running multiple hyper-v VMs on SSD. I guess the heavy I/O of the VMs could put a strain to SSD wear leveling. Second, i should closely monitor SSD operating temperature , the third is i should do due dilligence when it comes to buying a good SSD and the last is the importance of having UPS(not because my area often has power outages & power brownout but because the electronics in my house often experience short circuits and tripping the circuit breaker)

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