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  1. I can only add my praise to that of others on an astoundingly good mission, @Bienie. The only think beyond that I think I can offer is that some of details needed for the side missions required me to go back to read the original mission repeatedly -- or, when I got smarter, to save a game there -- so I could re-read, e.g., where someone lived or where I was to pick up the payment, which felt a bit tedious. For example, what is described in the objectives as an alley is more accurately described on the billboard, and none of the Objectives mention pay-off spots. The sole thing TDM lost from The Metal Age is the ability to annotate maps and otherwise make notes for myself and I wonder if someone wiser than I can think of a way to incorporate note-taking into the game so that, e.g., I can remind myself in-game which areas I have completed, rather than needing to take notes on a piece of paper or something.
  2. I found found something that may be a typographical error but could as easily be an error by the steward or the result of time passing and a home being rearranged. and there is no portrait in the foyer. As I suggested, it doesn't need to be fixed but it seemed worth mentioning as anything that even might be an error in this masterful mission--sorry to add on but this series is impressive, @Bienie--is worthy fixing/
  3. ETA: OMG! I finally found it. (I don't know how to put things "in the console" but thanks, @AluminumHaste.) Mad frustrating but totally a good solution in a sensible place.
  4. I'd like to add my praise to all the others. This is one of my favorite FM I have played. It is a beautiful map to wander through; large enough but logical, even where there were, apparent or actual, dead ends like the I thought the narration was excellent, both the cut-scenes, which I don't usually like, and in-game for hints and other purposes including humor. The vagaries of the guards' patrols was especially good, too. And I echo the praise for the in-game hints like the textual reminder of a code we were told. I always get lost and love a map, especially one that shows me where I am, but IDK how hard that is to do and it's certainly not necessary. I definitely struggled to find the site of the second volume of poetry and needed to be spoiled here but I don't think it should be changed. I also had trouble with the massive drop in FPS in the and it took me forever to figure out what to do to release the guest, so I wonder if there could be some in-game hint like a message, written or spoken thief, when AFAIK, I have been wholly unable to find the and I'd welcome spoilers on that or on the other loot I couldn't find, including what people used the rope arrows to reach. But my lengthy post is mostly to offer my praise and thoughts.
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this FM, even though negotiating the capsized ship drove me batty and I spent far too much time trying to climb up onto things onto which I couldn't climb. I certainly wished this were a bigger mission but I will take whatever @Geep will give me when the bits are this fun. FWIW, I agree with @shadowsedgethat the handling of the gold bar isn't exactly realistic but it seems a sensible objective -- even though I failed it the first time and lost some health staying long enough to survive it in the future -- and I don't know that there's a better way to handle it within the game mechanics. Being able to quicksave and quickload isn't realistic, either. Small apparent bug:
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