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  1. I'm beginning to understand why people who aren't into social clubbing "don't last long" on this project, and why it's so full of holes. When moderators are siding with bullies, by closing down threads that they derail, then I start to wonder if I should support the platform to begin with.

    I'm sure that the core development is solid, but when you're constantly tone policed and bullied, and moderators are playing into it too, then the project will just drive away talent, and replace it with socialites instead. ...and without talent, you only end up with a small skeleton crew trying to do everything themselves.

    ...so Dragofer and Airship Ballet, and all you other socialites, you win. From now on I'll just keep to myself. You'll never be able to do my work, but at least you'll be happy together, and that's what matters to you.



    Actually, I have to revise my statement:
    I actually messaged greebo - the top dog, I gather - about nbohr1more's outburst of insanity below, and since I haven't even heard back from him, I just have to assume that there's not a single core programmer here, who's not backing nbohr's threats. ...and that's bad.

    ...so if you're a newbie reading this, or an honest soul like ZergRush, then just slowly back out of these forums, run, and don't look back. This is nothing more than a cult posing as a game development project, using Thief and IDTech4 to sucker hopefuls in, to do work for them, while trying to cajole them into something going on behind the scenes, which apparently - according to nbohr - is something that should be hidden from the state. These people aren't programmers - they don't even understand things like how to fix the simplest bugs. All they have, is an engine, and an IP, and some sort of fascist social cult. There was some other project I saw being made in the Unreal Engine. Try joining that project. ...or start a project of your own. Anything but this asylum.

    Hopefully that was "divisive" enough for a final post, because at this point I really want people to leave this place. This project is, on a management level, just awful garbage, run by garbage people, apparently from the top down, and I'm just glad that they have a garbage place to stay, together, and hopefully forever.


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    2. STiFU


      The amount of insults towards the team members and this community contained in Nort's updated status is a pretty strong indicator that something is maybe not right in Nort's head, don't you think? Also, I said "like Nort here maybe has".

      Anyway, the core message was that we accept everyone as long as they behave. Let's not get lost in the details.

    3. datiswous


      In general I just find this not the right thing to do, if you don't know the diagnoses, don't say it. If you have a psychological disorder, doesn't mean you would act like Nort, or maybe you do, but it's not clear. People with actual psychological disorders might be offended.

      What I also hear often is people call someone "a bit autistic", while we know some characteristics of people with autistic syndrome, it's not like we can judge who is and who is not.


      "...so if you're a newbie reading this", please know that we will accept you and value your contributions, as long as you don't talk down on others and don't spread hatred towards other persons or communities.

      This is the proper message (I don't ask you to change yours, I just wanted to make my point).

    4. duzenko
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