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  1. i see it is coming, and i will be getting it. it has some nice features for sure. http://mediasoftware.sonypictures.com/prod...uct.asp?pid=928 hope all is going well guys. should be back and running in the next week or so, after the work move settles down. peace LB
  2. i will have to take a week or two delay in working on sounds for the mod. i have a few new ones i will post soon. my real life work is moving this week into the new warehouse, and all of my time will be needed to concentrate on the move and so forth. thanks all peace LB
  3. wow this is very cool, great job oddity peace LB
  4. that rendering should not be a problem, but 86Kbps thats an odd number there the norm is at least 96 peace LB
  5. hey thanks for the feed back dark, i appreciate it. those are not final i can fine tune them after we agree if that is a sound we want (i use numerous ways to get my sounds: record myself, use my synth, use some samples and overlap other sounds then loop them too). and that gulp test was just that, a test, the gulp should be done by new horizon anyway, since he is handeling the voices. i would like to atually take the factory one, and add some slight strings or a small piano chord into the mix to add some variety. i also plan on going to my work to record sounds from there in the near futu
  6. never heard of latin kings, ill have to check them out. thanks LB
  7. ^ ren, i agree with you man if i had an actually demo of sorts to play through i could come up with ambience/sounds/music whatever on the fly, or pinpoint places you want a specific sound way more easily peace LB
  8. looks great pak! thanks for the direction peace LB
  9. wow, not much else to say but that lol very nice work oDDity peace LB
  10. i did a test last night with my shure BG 2.1 (a dynamic will probably be the best way to get the sound, at least one witha better output, like the SM58) i held it directly up to me taking a sip from a cup of water. then i placed the mic firmly against the space on my neck between the adams apple and the main tendon there, to get the "gulp" sound. it worked perfectly! not a good render sound quality wise, but you can get the idea from my little test. peace LB thief gulp test
  11. damn! deepomega the character is looking very nice. this will look damn sweet with textures, espeacilly the leather armor great job peace LB
  12. ahh i like this one so far the best renzatic, simple yet works very well. will the "pages" flip when you choose any of the options? peace LB
  13. ^ nice looks good really like the body collapse effects pak peace LB
  14. hey pak, i saw you are from sweden. this is OT but i was wondering if you have ever heard of LoopTroop? they are my favorite hip-hop band of the past few years. too bad not that many people in the states have heard of them. peace LB
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