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  1. i uploaded noble man to the ftp months back .. all the textures are there too.
  2. hi guys, there have been some major developments in my life over the past few weeks due to a new job so i have not been able to get on the computer for some time. i would still like to contribute what little time i have got to the project ...i know i have never been a major contributer as i have only managed to complete one character ..but every little helps i am on with a cart at the moment and will continue to work on this in my spare time
  3. have you tried the zspheres in zbrush ?... i love em to bits, you can make humanoid shapes in seconds with the symmetry turned on and the mesh subdivides really well. one thing I have noticed when modeling outside zbrush and then importing is zbrush loves nice even quads evenly distributed ...personally I find this a bit difficult when you want to add extra edge loops for detail so lately I have been using the zspheres. ...anyhow its looking a lot better than my first attempt, keep us posted of how you get on in zbrush
  4. a very simple cart model. I can give it loads more detail if required but i was hoping to make the most of good normal maps. triangle count is 2416 ...is this too high ??
  5. i have been working on a four wheeled wagon this afternoon and it is just about done ... they are such simple shapes. I tried looking for the washbasin model etc from atti on the ftp but give up ..i couldn't find them. springheal / atti if you give me the location of the models that need skining i will get on with it asap.
  6. ok ..i need somthing to model ...so can i do the cart ??
  7. i can do some skinning now... noble man is done now .. just need to refine a spec map and height map but that won't take long. so i am looking for somthing to do ...i have read through the posts but really unsure as what to pick next from the list ...don't want to do duplicates. any ideas anyone?
  8. ok oddity ..lots of good advice there. I will load it up with the new maps and 'no self shadow' and see what it looks like ... thanks for your help
  9. hi guys ... I have put the nobleman on the ftp in a rar file next to odditys noblewoman, its in asc format. I have included the material files as well but i suppose they need to be altered to get it in game as i am sure i am probably not using the correct file structure. Over the past few days i have been looking at nobleman and i dont think he is quite right ...the shadows dont look very good on him but i think its to do with the mesh rather than the normal map. i made a cube in doom with the nobleman texture and norm map applied and it looked ok but when its on the model it looks rough ..esp
  10. here is a quick update.... well after hours and hours of trying to write material files in the doom ed ( first time i have ever writen any 'code ' stuff) i realised it makes a huge differance if those curly bracket things are the wrong way round...never mind it only took me two days to work it out ..how any one could enjoy writing shit like this for a living is beyond me! :lol:
  11. great texture work..nice one .. does it have a normal map applied ?
  12. springheal .. yes i can do some skining but give me some more modeling as well. i would like to do a little building / enviroment stuff if possable. i always work best when i have a few things on the go at once.. then i don't get to bogged down in any one model
  13. here we go then .. a purple hat , its more in keeping with the rest of the costume. i think i am just about done with this one so i need somthing else to model / texture ..do we need anymore buildings / enviroment stuff ? ..i could do another character but fancy somthing a bit differant for a while. i know deep omega did tell me once and i cant find the post ... what is the complete address and what folder do i ftp the model and texture to
  14. Deep omega... how did you do the normal map for the city door?? I undersand the process of creating Nmaps on models using two differant res meshes but how did you generate all that wood detail on the city door ??
  15. i reckon you should just carry on and finish all the other parts of the body be fore you start resizing anything. I think the head probably will work out a bit big. looking very good so far
  16. a few more adjustments ..hat, fingers, face etc
  17. yes ..i forgot to mention that most of the hair is going to be covered by the hat ..there is a bad area on top where all the uvs meet but like i say it will be covered ...cheekbones i would tend to agree i will adjust the normal map and see if they will look better.
  18. here are acouple of shots of the nobleman so far ..he now has all normal maps and colour maps. he has 5486 triangles. I am fairly pleased how the normal map from zbrush worked ..its a real pleasure sculpting in all the datails ....folds of fabric hair etc now the big question is how will it look in game ..well i will sit down with one of odditys tutorials and try and work out how to do it. I hope your ok with the colouration springheel ..i tried to make him as rich as possible ..thats why i have painted the fabrics to look like satin / silk.
  19. great ...i will check out those tutorials i tend to use xsi for doing the polygon modeling and then texture in max as the normal map setup in xsi is a pain. i just this moment finished playing a little bit of doom on my new system and noticed some very strange lighting effects from the normal maps ..half of the models were shaded very dark .. a strange line right down the center of the faces. i just updated my nvidia driver. guess i will have to sort this out first!
  20. yea its buggy alright .. i have just started. i just wanted to do a very quick test to make sure the workflow between apps is ok . oddity ..you are right i will check it out just as soon as i have somthing a little more defined. when you done a test with zbrush did you not use world space rather than tangent ....? so to test out my normal maps i need to get one inside doom ..thing is i have never used the doom editor ...can you guys point me in the right place for some good tutorials cheers
  21. i have been very busy over the last couple of months but now i should be able to put some time into this again. Here is a very quick test of how my zbrush normal map is working out . i am just posting it to let you know i am still working on the nobleman as i havn't posted for ages. the technique of generating normal maps in zbrush is working great ...although i have not tryed it in the doom engine yet. anyhow just to let you all know i am back on the job
  22. Lovely work once again oddity . Really nice attention to detail ..the textures are great. How long did it take you to do this model and texture her? I am back working on the noble man at the moment ..I have the low poly model just about finished and will start detailing it in zbrush. I have done some tests and it seems to be working fine ..only thing is I could really do with a faster machine to run zbrush at the resolution I want to work at. Have you done any of the low poly versions yet ?
  23. very very nice design..i love it
  24. I also use motion builder so storing in the fbx format is a good idea.. we can exchange files easily and chop and change the animations to fit different characters.. I have a pretty large collection of motion capture data with my version of MB and that can sometimes be useful for starting animation sequences. If anybody wants any of that stuff I could upload some ..well after Christmas ..i am going away tomorrow so will get back to work in the new year.
  25. I think I will give it a try with zbrush. So it’s the tangent space I need for doom I thought as much. What I have done in the past is unwrapped the mesh and imported the uv coordinates into zbrush and then back out after generating the n map / colour map ..you have to remember to press flip vertical on the texture though if you save as a psd / jpeg. Your right about zbrushes native uv mapping fingernail ..its great in zbrush but try and get that working elsewhere it’s a nightmare ! I think zbrush holds great potential for detailing for normal maps as the level of detail is unsurpassed t by
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