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Found 7 results

  1. Doom 3 coding question here! One thing I am wondering about - how do I implement death animation preceding ragdoll kicking in? Has anyone tried implementing it in C++ code? Right now it's death > ragdoll. I want death > death anim > ragdoll. Thanks beforehand!
  2. Doom 3 question (probably applicable to TDM too) is below. I am not sure offhand, but can I spawn AI hidden? (via entity's property) Can I hide AI via script right after it spawns ? If yes, the question is if that AI is dormant and just hibernates until it's revealed via trigger or script ? Thanks.
  3. After five years, Desolated - The Crying Fate is out: http://www.moddb.com/mods/desolated-the-crying-fate I've seen this one around moddb but wasn't terribly interested in it for some reason. Neurological's involvement has piqued my curiosity a little. I will be sure to tinker around with this and see if anything in here might be beneficial to TDM though I doubt it (looks like the mod is heavily reliant on stock Doom 3 assets).
  4. Hi there, I'm new to this forum so I take the occasion to say hello to everyone. This morning I've tried to download the Doom 3 patch v1.3.1 but the link didn't take me anywhere. Is there someone who can help me out? Thanks
  5. Here's the press release: And the trailer. So it says "remastered for XBOX 360 and PS3", as well as "improved lighting and rendering". I wonder whether they mean that as an improvement from the original XBOX build, which was using a slightly nerfed idTech 4 engine, or whether the PC too will see a truly new engine build. Features like 5.1, stereoscopic 3D and gamepad support point towards an updated idTech 4, but will we see any optimization or changes in the rendering engine that might make the Dark Mod run better? This has the potential to impact the mod in interesting ways.
  6. There are likely to be very few code changes that the Doom 3 community issues where I will comprehend the significance. That said, I am creating this thread for the purpose of folks who catch any good GPL fixes that they'd like included in TDM builds. This is a place to ask "Should I make a tracker for this Doom 3 GPL fix, I found or created?" I'll start. There have been variations of the Carmacks reverse code and I'm sure there will be more. Here is the current best example AFAIK. It basically lets the driver perform the Depth fail code via the "StencilOpSeparate" command thus deferring responsibility for violating the patents to ATI and Nvidia for implementing this driver feature... (Older hardware will not take advantage of this optimization though.) Here are the changes and a little commentary by the coders: http://git.iodoom.org/~raynorpat/iodoom3/raynorpats-glsl_iodoom3/commit/332fa0d46f68e4057a00275a75e09c1f3b1ab7c8#comment_24
  7. One of the creators of Hexen EOC released new Doom 3 mod couple of days ago. It looks very promising. Did anyone tried it out? http://www.moddb.com/mods/grimm-quest-for-the-gatherers-key/downloads/grimm-quest-for-the-gatherers-key
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