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Found 5 results

  1. Question: Is it possible to create a gui and in it display different sections of an xdata file but in different places? I can't really directly find this info in the wiki.
  2. Does anyone know if a GUI renderDef's lightOrigin and lightColor fields actually even do anything? No amount of fiddling with them seems to change anything. Edit: I've discovered the issue and will create a bug report.
  3. It appears the latest version of DarkRadiant Git from Codereader is full of bugs and breakages, which affect at least the Linux version of the software. Since I just reported a whole list of problems, I decided to also make a thread here to hopefully bring more attention and testers who can confirm them: DarkRadiant doesn't sense keyboard inputsVarious windows won't openPanel sizes not persisted between startupsRecent maps menu becomes empty after useDarkRadiant crashes KWin when desktop compositing is enabled (KDE)
  4. Do you know by chance how to pass values of variables from script to GUI ? This GUI I have been working on is for a self-driving vehicle. Player would have to find a fuel cell (power cell) item to place into the vehicle before he can get a ride. So basically when player trips a trigger entering the vehicle, a script would check for a variable "vehicleIsReady" and if it's 0 (player never placed power cell into vehicle), my GUI would display a red screen saying "out of fuel" and if vehicleIsReady is set to 1, then normal GUI will be displayed (as seen on the video). How would I do that? Currently I can set variables in GUI code as set "Desktop::variable" "value"; and check if ( "Desktop::variable" == value ) {} but that's for internal to GUI variables/values. I don't know how to pass script variable into GUI using gui_parms, if in some other way. Please help. Thanks beforehand.
  5. Is it possible to have a digital clock in a GUI on a map ? Basically looking for 24hrs format hrs:min clock in a windowDef. I recall there gotta be a built-in script function for time, but I don't know how to pass the data from script to GUI (preferably updating GUI either every second or every minute, only when in player's view) Done! (see the last post) Thanks!
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