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Found 6 results

  1. I created two walls: both have a base brush that is 128 x 128, and 4 units thick. One of the brushes, however, has a little bit of decor that sticks out another 4 units. Later on when I was working on my map, I cloned a model, moved it 128 units, and then changed it's model. However, when changing it from the wall with decor to the wall with no decor, it proceeded to shift itself 2 units forward. I thought maybe it had to do with what grid size I had saved/exported the model as, but adjusting that did nothing. And the models are both aligned together. This is the only model I've had do this. What is causing this?
  2. I am in need of an ASE exporter for Blender. I tried KatsBits ASE export, but it's so old that modern Blender versions don't even list the addon after it's installed. Someone made a thread about an ASE importer recently, but no exporter. I can export to lwo for the time being, but still prefer ase for own reasons.
  3. I've been wondering whether it might make sense to consider adding child NPC's to character arsenal of TDM. If of course we had a model artist wanting to create one, and a real life teen willing to record a new voice package. Currently I'm thinking of two categories: Children from poor families who are dirty and dressed in rags, and children from rich families who are dressed as lords. Art wise, I think it would add more detail and diversity to the populations of towns, which is the same reason why I suggested pets a while ago. It could also help put more accent on family life in the medieval age, as actual families (man + woman + children) could be found living in homes which the player can visit. Another reason is that the story of a mission might want to include kids as actors, especially since we have artists who create TDM missions based on books. Hint: Until official child NPC's would exist, a hack to do this with the existing ones might be possible. You could create an entity definition which scales down the model and bounding box of a normal NPC, then scales the head up slightly to make it larger than the body. Main problem is they would still use the voices of adults, which would probably sound very weird in most cases. Also, because I know someone will eventually bring this up: I'm aware that certain people will find the idea controversial, simply because kids could (like every other NPC) get killed by the player, which is known to make some people angry even when it's just art. Hopefully everyone understands this is a suggestion intended for extra detail, and to give more artistic choices to the mapper. Unless the mission will require it as an objective, which I seriously doubt anyone will do, no one will have to watch kids die unless they intentionally want to be evil. So that's hopefully out of the way.
  4. Hey there! So this is my first post here, and I would need some help for a few things. Here is my goal : I would like to create an original main character, with its own model, weapons, animations and voice acting. The gameplay won't be affected, though. Since the game has a first person camera, it shouldn't be too hard to edit : the only things we can see are the character arms and its different weapons. Thus, I just need to get the skeleton, models and animations, so I can edit them on Maya. The problem is that I am not really used to Dark Radiant yet. Do you know where I can find all of these? Thanks in advance! And sorry for the poor english, by the way.
  5. First of all, this game isn't Thief related. We tried some other forums with no luck and people here seem to have some exceptional talent when it comes to modelling. To put it shortly, the game takes place in a purgatory of sorts. It goes through several phases probably every single human go through themselves. The game isn't necessarily just something pretty to look at, since it's a story driven game. That said, we're looking for someone who is familiar with low poly modelling. Some early screenshots of the game: http://imgur.com/a/EUj05 There's also a few conditions. You've got to be able to have one of the following file formats - .ms3d .blend .3ds .md2 .md3 .obj .an8 .x The prefered of these formats is .ms3d, since the game engine uses .ms3d as it's proprietary format; but any of these are fine since we can easily convert into .ms3d from those. If you're interested add me on skype: k.mantyla Or just PM me. I'll try to check them often.
  6. Hey there, While I was getting on with real life a few months ago, I stumbled over an artist who is both really good with game art, and gives it away free on opengameart. I then forgot that I had bookmarked it for TDM. Anyway, some of his stuff would fit perfectly into TDM, some could do with a little less tropical looks. Licensed under public domain they would be at home in TDM (Tho attribution would be good! his stuff *is* good). http://opengameart.org/users/yughues http://nobiax.deviantart.com/ Thought I'd put that in here.
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