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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone, I'm in the process of learning how to use the Dark Radiant editor. I'm creating a "test mission" for myself, I already built my map with all the models, entities, the objectives I set are working perfectly, there is only one thing I can't tackle: Readables. I don't know why, but when I put down a readable prefab on my map, edit it in the Readable Editor, and try to save it, I get the following error: "You have imported an XData definition that is contained in a PK4, which can't be accessed for saving. - Please rename your XData definition, so that it is stored under a different filename." And when I rename my XData name, I get the following error: "Mod path not defined. Using base path." Everything so far is crystal clear with Dark Radiant, but I seriously can't understand this whole thing about xd files, XDatas, and stuff. Can anyone help me with this?
  2. I've just started mapping, and using the Sotha videos I've managed to create most of the basic elements of my mission, however, I'm receiving an error when trying to put a readable into my environment. What I've done so far is spawned a readable entity from the list, and gone to 'Readable Editor' in the Entity submenu, with the readable entity selected. Here I receive an error 'Mod Path not Defined using Base Path', even if I ignore the error and try to write anything on the paper, I receive the same error when attempting to save it and my only option is to cancel. Can anyone tell me what's going wrong and what I can do to fix it? Whilst I theoretically could finish my mission without readables, I'd obviously like to add them in to provide players clues and flesh out the characters. Edit: I made this thread without realising that there was a newbie question thread where this question was meant to go. I made some progress on my issue but I still can't get the readables to work, I posted this on the question thread So far I've managed to create everything in my mission smoothly, but I can't make readables. I followed the instructions on the wiki and specified custom folder for my xdata files (a folder in my darkmod/map), and I can create a readable in the editor and save the xdata file. However in game I receive the error "Non-Existant xdata declaration: readables/(MyMissionName)/mybook" as well as "num_pages not definined on readable" followed by the entity name, upon loading my mission. Attempting to read or pick up the readable locks up my character making it impossible to change equipment or items. I even poked around my files and opened the xdata file in notepad, and the contents match what I got in the editor and structure itself seems fine. Does anyone know a solution, so far the mapping has been going smoothly and it's quite frustrating to get stuck on readables. I don't technically need them but, they I couldn't make the mission I want without them. Sorry for the double post, but any answer would be very much appreciated. Edit: My issue got solved in the newbie questions thread, so is there anyway this thread can be deleted?
  3. Hello! I am new to DR and I am trying to get some working readables in my map. Currently, I have my xdata and strings files (copied from St Lucia) placed in my darkmod/fms/project folder under strings and xdata. This works okay, but in order to see my edits to the strings I have to re-install my map. - Is there a way to place an xdata folder in the darkmod/maps folder where I keep my other working map files? Rather than having to re-install my FMS every time? - Where does the readable editor in DR place its xdata? Every time I open it is says failed to (Xdata Name) Sorry for such a newbie question, but I appreciate the help. I can't seems to find this info in the tutorials. Thanks!
  4. I want find function, what puts text in overlay and output it on screen with bookshelf or scroll image. I'm found OverlaySys.cpp, tdm_readable.def (maybe is script), and gui-files (postions outbox for text). But no found this function.
  5. This may be of pretty limited helpfulness, but just wanted to say I'm happy to do any proofreading of readables, objectives, mission briefings etc of any WIP if it's any help. (Double-double-triple-checks above to make sure there are no mistakes in it.)
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