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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all! I'm new here and I VERY WANT to help I am ready to translate and I can put the translations into the missions. (Russian players even made it some sort of a community project, where everyone who wants to help, translates some parts of the missions. I'm currently helping them.) We want to make a complete translation of at least a few missions. (Including briefings, which sometimes coming as a *.dds files. I also can handle it) But... as always there are a few difficulties. - In Russian it is sometimes just impossible to translate things SHORT. (I suspect not only in Russian) - We c
  2. January & February 2018 update: I'm almost done with the translation of the base install package (i.e. the GUI of the game, the translatable texts in two of the three FMs in the package). I've decided it wouldn't be all that bad if I provided you guys with some insight into the current state of things, what will still need resolving, and so on. First, I want to talk about some of the minor GUI issues I've run into (and which I prefer to resolve first), then also cover the issues with the FMs from the base install (which can still be fixed/improved later). October 2019 update: I h
  3. There are a handful of Fan Missions out there, which dispose of localization packs (_l10n.pk). I've got tdm's language set to German and tried to run a few FMs (Too Late, Let Sleeping Thieves Lie) with their German localization - in vain. First I followed my intuition and simply extracted the _l10n.pk files to the corresponding mission's subfolder, but it didn't change a thing - Objectives, Object Names, In-Game-Texts were still in English. Then I put the german.lang file directly in the fan missions folder, but no - everything is still in English. Unfortunately http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/
  4. Hate to beat a dead horse and all that jazz, but for some reason the letters are screwed again. Is it possible if in one of the updates something got changed? The last working thing is supposed to be here with "tdm_base01.pk4" https://drive.google...iew?usp=sharing Maybe something got messed up in 2.04 or 2.05? Or in the recent hotfixes? This tdm_base01.pk4 has the only working romanian character set that exists. What we have now messes up again ș, ț, ă. The updater downloads the wrong version of tdm_base01.pk4. Bug tracker listing: http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=4523
  5. Hi, I'm from Spain and I have some experience translating from English. I'd like to begin with St Lucia's mission, but I have some questions. I have read the topic 'How can I help?' and followed the link http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=I18N , but it is broken. I have unpacked the mission and found a file named english.lang. It seems to contain all the text of the mission. I guess that I should copy this file to another file named spanish.lang and start translating. But what should I do with the file when I finish? And how can I test my translating? Is there any problem with in
  6. Hello there! I'm a new member in this community and I really like what I'm seeing here! Anyway, after watching your official trailer, I wanted to provide a good translation for it. I'm a Brazilian and, for the past two years, have worked on some game localisations and video translation(subtitling). All of them being voluntary work. I have an intermediate skill in subtitling but my translation skills are superior. My subtitles are well formatted and easy to read, while maintaining the exact meaning of what is being said. I made them using Aegisub to ensure an acceptable quality. I'd be re
  7. Recently, after spending some time giving advice to one of our forum members on how to translate the GUI and in-game text via the use of the perl scripts, I have run into some serious issues. I've tried my best to figure out the problem on my own or by discussing it with some of the developers via PMs, but at this point, I am utterly stumped at what's going on. The key issue being that, though I have changed nothing about my strawberry perl installation and the placement of the perl script and associated strings folder(s), the command I originally used for generating the GUI translation (a
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