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Found 2 results

  1. Can somebody tell me how to use the prefab doors correctly with their frames in Dark Radiant please? I'm confused. I insert a door prefab (door 96x48 2hinge), I align it to grid and put it into the doorway I carved into the wall, right? The door prefab fits perfectly into the gap. Now comes the problem: As I import a model (door frame wood 96x48) and align it to grid and put it in position of the door it seems that the inner frame is too big! At the left side it goes into the wall (which would mean that there was a gap if I delete the tiny bit of wall on this side) and on the upper side there is at some part a bit of the wall above looking into the door gap. How do I align this stuff properly?
  2. Just got Biker's stove model in game, the door opens and I have a def attached handle for it. The stove body has an L shaped bracket that the lever goes behind. I want the lever to block to door opening unless the player has flipped the lever. I know this has been done but can't recall which map. Does it require some kind of frob peer or scripting? I thought the physics would just take care of it. I'd ultimately like to have the lever spawn attached to the door and ready to go so we don't get weird map issues with unaware authors.
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