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  1. What - really, are you serious!? This reminds me of MS DOS or something like that stuff Why are there so many oldish conditions like "There has to be no space" or "The Folder must be named darkmod" ?? I know I grump on a high niveau right now, but seriously..
  2. Since 1.8.0. Dark Radiant doesn't remember my game settings. I have to re-setup my darkmod folder and the fms directory everytime I start DR or click preferences... Another thing is that in the 2D-windows all brush lines disappear while I'm in Render mode (F3)
  3. Try disabling Windows Aero Design (press P in Dark Radiant and find the checkbox)
  4. Are you sure? This works just fine for me o_O I wish for my Dark Rdiant, that there was a Group Feature
  5. That's a very sad video indeed I watched it so often.. Nice people!
  6. Because it's faster to use a premodelled one Why wasn't this fixed yet? I remember this error from 1.08 - was it forgotten?
  7. I think 1 is the best solution, since for 2 I maybe have graphical errors and for 3 I need to carve holes in the walls with grid size 1 or less. Someone really should make new door frames for this game ^^
  8. Can somebody tell me how to use the prefab doors correctly with their frames in Dark Radiant please? I'm confused. I insert a door prefab (door 96x48 2hinge), I align it to grid and put it into the doorway I carved into the wall, right? The door prefab fits perfectly into the gap. Now comes the problem: As I import a model (door frame wood 96x48) and align it to grid and put it in position of the door it seems that the inner frame is too big! At the left side it goes into the wall (which would mean that there was a gap if I delete the tiny bit of wall on this side) and on the upper side there is at some part a bit of the wall above looking into the door gap. How do I align this stuff properly?
  9. Wow! Great work! Really impressive! I never expected something like that! I had a lot of fun playing it!
  10. Thank you for the welcome and the advice! I already played the tutorial mission. Once you get used to the controls and if you play carefully enough, it's possible to make it through. But it isn't as easy as I thought it would be. o__o Now I need some excitement! I saw there are new maps for beginners in the Fan Mission forum. Gonna get my first real Dark Mod experience..
  11. Hello there! I am new to this whole "stealth-gaming-thing". I didn't play the original Thief series, but after seeing those screenshots on your web page and the many available missions I want to give it a shot. I don't exactly know what to expect from this mod, but it looks very promising. I hope your concerns about that it could be "dying" are non-valid and you continue building it up.
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