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  1. I have been hitting my head on this for days. I can't get the speaker to play any sound (custom sounds or TDM standalone sounds) using either right-click "create speaker" or "create entity". I made a sndshd file with my custom sound and a text file with the sound as a wav and ogg --neither worked. So I made a speaker using the create speaker, and still have no sounds. My debugging info says that the default cannot be found. Any ideas, please? I'm runing DarkRadiant 2.9 on Linux Mint x64 and TDM 2.8 mmij-nosound.txt
  2. Found the solution to the issue by accident. One or more of my libraries were outdated/corrupted (not sure which, moxy didn't say), did a system update and restart. Now it works. I have a strange error that I never had before. I can set a brush to a function static and make a perfectly standard door. But if I try to make a brush into a sliding door (using either the premade default or modifying the parameters of a default door) then the door goes +X+Y+Z whenever it's opened. This doesn't change if the tranlation direction is set to a different value. I've tried this on a
  3. Here's a weird one. I can make a brush into a standard mover door and it works. But if I try to make a brush into a funcstatic door that translates, it shoots off (literally at high speeds) towards +x+y and sometimes also +z. I'm baffled. I followed the tutorials on Wiki just in case I'm missing something, but it's so simple, it appears I'm not. Has anyone else ever seen this?
  4. Yeah, it's still blocked. You gotta love communism! Of course socialist Russia is just as bad (I was there for three years from 2015 and on) for doing this. But aside from things live Voice of America, BBC, and AP News--sites you'd expect--they also block the oddest ones as well. I noticed that for bulletin boards and forums, it just takes one comment being noticed and disliked, and then BAM! The whole site is blocked. So I guess that's what happened here. It just caught me by surprise. (Who is the rapscallion who voiced slanderous commentary and caused issue `tween TDM and an ASE
  5. Oddest thing happened. For some reason, I can't access the forum or the Wiki anymore--and this is only for things related to TDM. I tried opening in another browser, no go. Attempted thru a VPN, nothing. Only thing that works is on my mobile or by using Tor. (This just started sometime earlier this week. ) I'm wondering if it's because I'm in Vietnam, they do block a lot of sites and addresses--sometimes randomly. Has anyone else had weirdness like this before? -mmijimm
  6. Nice mission and good story. I have a framerate issue too, a lot of shaking and jerkiness. I'm stuck:
  7. I get the feeling there's a belief that creating a structured tool means enforcing strict rules and badgering people into compliance. But that's the opposite of what was proposed. I think the term 'peer review' sent some people into thesis-defense flashbacks. Whether it's for a history, geography, or even file naming conventions, structure is a tool that you can pick up and use, or leave lying on the bench. As it has been stated, not all mappers might want to use a tool or participate in its creation. That's fine. So I'd like to put something back on track. The question
  8. Don't worry it won't if people behave, and I think in this forum people will. That was specified in the preamble of the SOP outline. For text like this, where there is only a day and month, there's not really much that's applicable to a world timeline unless this same information has been used by parallel creators in other missions. From what's posted here, it seems pretty nonessential to the initial project. ______________________________________Now Onward To start a histrorical timeline, you first need the large canonical events to place as markers. After that
  9. In a collaborative story, there has to be a trade-off. You and your partner agree to allow leeway in one area by putting some firmer measures in another. What the SOP proposes is to make a map and history from cenus. Everyone has a say, and the results would be freedom within a clarified and adaptive structure --not a rigid one. One problem with a creative group endeavor is that people don't always know when they're pushing the envelope too far. People on the forum want their projects to be DARKMOD PROJECTS. They like to be creative and innovative, but they also don't want to end up acc
  10. (After reading everything, I wanted to put in my two-cents and see how everyone feels about structuring a procedure for the history and geography.) Outline for SOP'ing Historical and Geographical Records This idea we're discussing is something that has been scratching around my brain like a spider for sometime. I've only been playing for a few months, and recently I've been putting together a mission for submission, but I have been bothered by an undefined vagueness in the history and geography of the DarkMod universe. I looked at t
  11. On a brush there is a different format: ( 0 0 1 -8 ) ( ( 0.0078125 0 0 ) ( 0 0.0078125 0 ) ) "textures/common/caulk" 0 0 0 Again, some numbers I think have to do with texture, but I have no idea what to do with them.
  12. Hello. I know I'm reviving an old topic, but could someone help me out. I want to make several patches by computation for a project. I've been doing my homework, but I don't want to guess at this point. When I open the map file and look at an existing patch, inside a set of parentheses I see the xyz coordinates followed by two more places. What are these places and what do they affect? I think it might be something with the texture, but I'm not 100% on that. My experimentation is not satisying me. patchDef2 { "textures/common/caulk" ( 3 3 0 0 0 ) <---This is patch si
  13. Ignore this. Me dumb. Not can read. I stupid. Hi. I see that the last post on this was in 2014. Will this patch still work with v2.08/64? Is anyone using this now? I've been trying to figure out how to split and cut holes in patches, this looks like it can do the splitting part. Sidenote: I'm on Linux. Under /home/me/.darkradiant there is not a folder for scripts. Do I have to make one? (I installed DR from the package manager.)
  14. mmij


    I can try. I've only been able to do it less than 10 times. That's a few shots out of A LOT of attempts, but it does work. (I used no_target and just kept reloading the game when I ran out of "volunteers".)
  15. mmij


    I found this yesterday, it's really a difficult bug to reproduce due to the timing, but if you shoot a broadhead it can instant kill through armor. The trick is to time the shot so that the arrow has just enough power to launch, but no more. You know how when you are holding the attack button, the bow comes out and you begin to draw? If you release too soon, you put the bow away. But if you time the shot exactly after that, then the arrow flies slowly, makes a strange wooshing sound. If your timing is off a little, it just wooshes, but it's a nice woosh. If you have it timed perfectly, it
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