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Main menu pitch black

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Bit of background first: when I first downloaded TDM v1, I suffered the same symptoms: after the first start or two, the main menu would be always completely black. The music would play, and you could click on the menu options if you moved the invisible mouse cursor to the right spot, but still obviously a game breaking bug. At that time, running the updater fixed the problem, and I figured it was probably a corrupted download.


Now the problem is back. Just now I've installed a new FM, and the program rebooted itself to a completely blank black main menu screen. Everything behaves the same way, with one difference: running the updater does NOT fix it. In fact, the updater says my installation is up to date.


Help would be appreciated.


System specs:



Dual Pentium CPU


GeForce 9600


None of this has changed since I last played, so I doubt it's a hardware problem.



EDIT: I've downloaded the torrent (non-updater based) version and overwrote my previous installation with it. It fixed the problem - at least for a short while. I now suspect the problem is integral to one specific FM, namely Glenham Tower. Will post more if I have anything.


EDIT: Turns out the issue was most likely that Total Commander automatically puts brackets around certain (hidden?) directory names, and I thought they were meant to be an actual part of the name, so the installation of the FM went wrong. I think, anyway. Problem no longer around.

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