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Thief TDP campaign "inspired" missions in TDM?


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This is really for personal curiosity, but could we get away with basically remaking the missions from TDP in the dark mod, but changing the names and factions of everything, altering layouts, and supplementing a new story ( "inspired" by the originals)?


Or would this basically be riding too close to the edge? Forgive me if something like this has come up before.


Of course if we couldn't do this it's no problem either, there are tons of great FMs for TDM I've yet to play :)


Excellent mod btw.

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As a fan you can do anything you want. If it blatantly infringes copyright, the Dark Mod site won't host the FM, which would make it hard for people to find it. But I think an inspired-by FM would be fair, especially if you change all the names and it's not blatant copying of anything. Practically you'd want something new about them, I think, because people can just play the originals if they want to play the originals.

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Once you change enough stuff that the map is only "inspired by" the original, you are safe. But at this point, it becomes a question whether the effort is better spent on something that will be well known to everyone who has played Thief, or something that keeps only the basic idea ("a huge tomb complex with vast, echoing halls" - a map like that is being worked on at the moment) and will be new and exciting even if people know which mission served as inspiration.

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