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DarkRadiant compilation errors on Arch Linux

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Hello, I want to install DarkRadiant to mess up with my Doom 3. I am using Arch Linux, so first thing I did was to install it from AUR. But upon launch it segfaults

$ darkradiant
Segmentation fault (core dumped)


Next I tried compiling from git, but it complains about boost python, though I do have boost installed, output here.

I followed instruction in this post, i.e. changed the line 714 of file DarkRadiant/m4/boost.m4 from

	  [`python-config --$2 2>/dev/null`])dnl


	  [`python2-config --$2 2>/dev/null`])dnl

, then I did ./autogen.sh && ./configure && make, this time it went further, but stuck with python linking errors, see output here.


I am really out of options, any help appreciated. :)

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