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Request for standalone game - linux version

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In original linux Doom3 version, so in TDM, system keys like alt-tab and others doesn't work, this makes game experience not so fun, when you have application like instant messanger running in background, and you should always quit the game to see what was send to you, may be something important )

My request is simple to enable this feature in standalone game, is it possible? I'm not programmer, so I even can't understand how hard it is. But anyway thanks in advance )

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Windowed mode is possible in Linux.


You can type r_fullscreen 0 in TDM's console, but it needs a vid_restart to take effect. Console needs to be open or the mouse is confined to the game window.


It may be possible (but I am to lazy to try it) to bind those commands to keys in the Darkmod.cfg. Something like


[button x] does

r_fullscreen 0



[button y] does

r_fullscreen 1



to bring you back.


But srsly: Checking mail while playing TDM doesn't really add to the gameplay experience.


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