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Monaco: 2D coop stealth game


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I just bought this game on Steam recently, and I really recommend it.


Short review:


It was released in April 2013 and now it's an enhanced version.




You are group of "dirty criminals" in Monaco that break into banks, embassies, grab quest items and loot and escape (ring a bell?) as quickly as you can (leaderboards).


You can play 1-4 players campaign or featured FMs (at least) both online (there's a kind of matchmaking) and offline (need extra gamecontrollers for multi). And I think there is a PvP mode, not tested yet.




The view is like a map from above. You have a field of view depending on walls and obstacles. It is pixel art, a lot of bright colors, static and popping icons. I find it beautiful, but some might not like it.




You run, sneak and interact with items. Once you have discovered them, they appear on the map.


Every player has a basic set of interactions: lockpicking, deactivating lasers, climbing ladders, hidding in bushes, hacking computers, using disguise, reviving allies...


You can choose among 8 characters: locksmith, pickpocket, hacker, lookout...

They all have special abilities or/and can perform the basic ones faster.

So, depending on the mission design, they can be more or less performant.


You can use different items: smokebomb, guns, C4,... But ammo is scarce as you need to collect loot to have some.


You can chat and talk in multi.


There's a HUD to guide you through the levels.




The game is in English, but since it's Monaco, all the barks are in French, I think.

But the icons warn you about alert state anyway.

The campaign has a simplistic story, but there is a lot of humour (funny IMO). Some clichés I liked alot since I'm French myself ;)


My experience


I played solo at first to learn at my pace. I played for hours without being bored or frustrated at any time. You can really play in a stealthy way, but because of the graphics and tone, it's more of a tactical game. I found it quite challenging after a few missions and even died.


Then I played multi online with random ppl, and it was so chaotic! There was always someone who would do a mistake and we would trigger all the alarms and aggro the guards, running everywhere, shooting, trying to hide, reviving dead allies. I couldn't stop laughing. I think it's realy hard to do it properly this way but it's funny.


Finally I played offline with my brother and we managed some good coop combinations (like I switch electricity off while he lockpicks the vault). I'm looking forward to playing 4-team with my friends!




Just so you know you can buy a 4-pack with yours + 3 gift codes (what I did). And there is a -60% sale on Steam until january 2nd, on both single and 4-pack. But you have to buy it from Steam platform, not developer's website.


Developer's website (for extra info): http://www.monacoismine.com/

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