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How to have DR to show all spawnargs of an entity ?

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"model" "-"
"editor_model model" "Click this line then the 'choose model' button below. You must select a model as there is no default."


Those 2 are enough to get it to show up under inherited spawnargs, and to show help text. If you want it to show up without the user clicking "inherited", set a default value too:


"editor_setKeyValue model" "Select a model here(essential)"

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Well, I added "editor_radius" "300" to the entityDef, but it doesn't show up by default. I'd have to right click and add it.


I assume the following will not show up by default either and I'd have to right click to add it:


"radius" "300"

"editor_radius" "radius"


So do I need to do this:


"editor_setKeyValue" "radius"


in order to not have to right click to add it ? What about default value ?

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It should be:


"radius" "300"

"editor_float radius" "Radius of the light effects"

"editor_setKeyValue radius" "300"


Note the spaces within the quotes. The _float bit isn't a repeat of the spawnarg name, it's the data type which tells DR which icon to use and which type of selector button to use (if any). My example was confusing because both the spawnarg name and the data type were "model". But the above is how to set it up for your parameter.


The "model" "300" looks kind of redundant if you're using editor_setKeyValue as well, but it could be needed for any future entity defs that inherit from this one, and that don't set the radius themselves.

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