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Readable Editor broken - Cannot select a GUI Definition

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I have a weird issue with the readable editor in the newest version of DR.


First of all the Readable Editor is only accessible via shortkey, there's no entry in the "entity" menu. Then I can't select any GUI Definition



How to reproduce:

Create Entity -> readables -> atdm:readable_mobile_book01

Open the readable editor. Give the book an inventory name and an XData name.

Click on the button right of the GUI Definition field.

Choose let's say readables -> books -> book_calig_summertime and hit the "OK" button

The GUI Definition switches to guis/readables/sheets/sheet_paper_hand_nancy.gui, no matter what I select.



I'm using DR 2.2.1 on Ubuntu MATE 16.10 (x64). Can anybody confirm this issue?

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