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You know, this game made the Arts page in the New York Times yesterday, and all I could think is, why the hell are they wasting space with Rockstar and spending zero time on the games and studios that are actually worth their time? It's just because Rockstar has a public image for being so "scandalously ghetto" or whatever. And the big punchline was how surprisingly the PC wasn't the bully, but fighting them. *yawn* ... is that the kind of mainstream news its come to in the videogaming world?


Anyway, this game looks ok. The open endedness is of course always welcome, but even with that it looks like it will get old fast, faster than GTA for sure, where you at least could cruise around in a fast car and take tight turns if nothing else.

What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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I found it rather fun. They had a cool idea about making missions that you can do whenever you feel like it, but also providing a simulated city to explore or just relax and drive around in. Also, each iteration of GTA3 has improved upon the previous one and added more interactivity and new modes of transportation.


What drives me nuts, is that the news seems to focus on relatively small aspects of the game. That whole thing about being able to kill prostitutes to get your money back was just a logical consequence of the simulated nature of the game: If you pay somebody in cash, then they must be carrying "your" money, and if you send somebody to the hospital or morgue they drop any money they're carrying. Killing prostitutes for your money back was an example of emergent gameplay.


I wish for once a news story would focus on the blunt satirical nature of the game.

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