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ascottk - citwatch\Animref.fbx vertex weighting problems


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I think there are some incorrectly weighted vertices.


There is a vertex on the butt area that doesn't seem to be weighted to anything at all (just stays there wherever the body moves) so if you move the hips foward, you'll see part of his back get left behind.


Something is screwy with the left hand vertices. In my new combat_idle animation that I committed, you can see the left hand is doing some strange thing with the fingers. It's possible this could be an error in the animation, but I didn't immediately check that because I didn't put keyframes on any fingers, only the wrist joint for each hand. If you can't reproduce this I'll have a closer look at it.

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It doesn't matter how the verts are weighted on the anims anyway, it only matters for the md5mesh.

You couldn't have only one animation with a wonky vertex, all animations would have it.

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Yeah that's why I checked the fingers - none of the other anims had that problem :)


As for the one on the butt - can't be sure, I remember that happening in a lot of anims in the past. Probably doesn't get noticed because the hips don't change position in many animations, only drastic ones like sitting down or dying.


Hm I have a suspicion that that butt vertex could be tied to the origin instead of the hip bone...

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