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  1. Thanks, I just figured out the mistake I made. Sorry about that. It's showing in my mission list now.
  2. I'm having trouble installing this new FM. It doesn't appear in my list of downloadable missions in the main menu. I created a new folder called vitalicfever" in my "fms" folder in my "The Dark Mod" directory and placed the "hhvf.pk4" file in it. What should I do next?
  3. Ok, thank you for the info. This will definitely help. Are there also custom content I can also download to put in my game as well? Like mappers uploaded custom guard appearances for both male and female models?
  4. I didn't get any error message when the game crashed which was weird. It just crashed to the desktop like nothing ever happened.
  5. I'll look for a tutorial on how to do this if there is one somewhere online.
  6. I just got done playing another fan mission right now, no crashes. So, maybe my computer had a little hiccup or something. But I'll still investigate this.
  7. I only played this mission for the 1st time, I'll need to play it again and see if it is a recurring crash at that same exact part of the mission.
  8. In one of the fan missions I was playing. "Briarwood Manor" When I enter the lobby, the game suddenly crashed on me. I saved my game thank god and was able to complete the mission without any more problems, but just wanted to point that out in maybe updating the mission file of getting rid of that bug. It's not my computer since I meet the requirements. Other fan missions work just fine, I tested a few other ones and was able to complete those as well.
  9. I never done this before, but thanks for letting me know. I'm new to level editing and design completely.
  10. How do I customize the uniforms of a guard by changing the color of their clothes if I wanted to create my own mission with a guard type that is specific and create a completely new guard family? For example, Bafford, Ramirez, Constantine guard, etc.
  11. To make any game in general fun to play is to have some sort of challenge to figure out how to solve puzzles and take down enemies at the right time without them seeing you. Otherwise, it's no fun playing the game with unlimited health and easy ways to kill enemies with just one shot. Although this game is more challenging even with adjusting the difficulty settings.
  12. Thanks for the heads up! I didn't know you could change the settings during gameplay, only in the main menu.
  13. Sounds great everyone, I totally agree! There are so many options to explore and see what we can do to make it great, this game would not exist without the Thief franchise or the community, I thank the creators and developers for making such a very addicting and fun immersive experience for the 1st 10 years that this game has come to this day, it's only getting better every now and then. Possibly, what if a sequel is up in the horizon for a Dark Mod 2 for the foreseeable future! Imagine this game coming out for video game consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One with realistic graphics and gameplay.
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