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Any reason I shouldn't get an Asus Zenfone 2 in 2017?

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After my experience with Shamsung and their lack of OS updates, as well as a puffed/overheating battery, I'm thinking about an upgrade. This Zenfone is a bit older, but it still has killer specs. And it has an easy-to-unlock boot loader, ensuring that I can install Lineage OS on it and (in doing so) get more than six months of OS updates on the device.


I look at newer devices in this price range and most (all) of them have less memory and NAND than this Zenfone 2. Some are still shipping with 16GB! This bad boy from 2015 has 64GB of nand and 4 GB of RAM! So is there any reason not to get this ZF2? I did see one modern phone that looked attractive by LeEco, but it has no headphone jack, so I ruled it out.


Another one that looks nice is the modern Moto G. But I don't think it has official LOS support, so I really do think that I would be better off with the ZF2. The only downside that I see with this ZF2 is that the graphics are PowerVR (proprietary) not Intel (which are open and part of the kernel). This means that they might have trouble updating it in the future if/when PowerVR doesn't feel like providing new binary drivers.

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