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  1. It's nice to be back! I've missed you guys! Life has finally slowed down a little so it's nice to be back to the things that help me relax!
  2. By the way, I got the servers straightened out and .OGG files are now downloading correctly. The servers were updated about the time the first message about downloading errors popped up. I went back and looked and ALL of files I had posted before were showing up as HTML/text. The .htaccess file was erased that had the MIME configuration for .OGG files. All is well now.... Here's the latest revision of the ambient underground with the fixed looping ambient underground rev. 3 And the ambient haunt sound with even less bass ambient haunt rev. 3
  3. I agree, Hawk... This would be a great test. Also, it would help the sound designers to hear the volume levels and the overall "quality" of the samples while they are mixed in the live environment.
  4. I don't know what's been going on with my server, but I'm posting the files and the links ot th efiles the same way I have always done. But now, all of my links are showing up as HTML files! I can download them as HTML and then rename them with the .OGG extension and they play just fine. I've made sure that I'm transferring in BINARY mode with my FTP program. I'm trying to get help from my host but can't even get through to them right now. So, try downloading and changing the extension to .ogg and see if it works for you. Sorry! (a very frustrated) sax
  5. Okay, long time, no post, but here are some updates to the original files I posted awhile back.... Here is a revised version of the ambient haunt file ambient haunt version 2 See if that takes care of the overpowering bass sounds.... I'll have more soon.... -Sax
  6. Just got back on the forums again..... Nice creepy ambient...... Especially the background moans/groans. The backwards voices sound like something that should be in "The Cradle." This would even work in an area that was just outside the city gates, or in a creepier part of town. Maybe even in a wooded area.... I can hear it breathe!!! Nice production, too! Good stuff! Very Thief-y!
  7. Well, if we do an active bkgnd then we would definitely need some ambient sounds to go along with the action. So, the music/ambient would need to be minimalistic. But, if we take the approach of a static background (hand painted/drawn by one of our fine artists!) then we could simply do the Thief 1/2 thing and have the ambient factory sounds. Remember that low rumble that would shake your subwoofers when it was played everytime you went to change something or save a game from the menu? Just my opinion.... I have some things which might work for this, but I'll go back and listen to what wa
  8. Wow! I really like the feel of this shot!!!! Excellent work!
  9. Thank you, as well. I'm looking forward to having time to do some things again (which will be very soon!).
  10. Really nice sounds, Schatten! Excellent design work.....
  11. Well, I figured as much that the Monty Python team was just having some fun with "sounds like...." I actually think that part of it comes from Russian composer Stravinsky's family member names and words that were made to sound very similar. Anyway, thanks for the help. I thought I might find the answer out if I checked with this team (since they have ALL the answers!!!) Hmmm.... in resonse to Dram.... shame on you! Ha ha ha!!! I dated one of those once.... Seriously, did you know that several workers at Microsoft came up with a rollerskate game called Kurva???? It got pretty popular
  12. Hey guys, I hate to ask this, but some of your Hunfarian/Magya speaking folk may be able to help out on this one. This has been driving me nuts for a while! Monty Pyhton has a skit in the "Spam" episode that features a purposefully mistranslated Hungarian/English Lexicon/Phrasebook with some humourous/offensive content. So, this phrase might be a bit offensive (as the character onscreen punches the shopkeepeer when he hears this phrase)... I'm just curious as to what it means (if anything!). "Yandelvayasna grldenwi stravenka" Thanks in advance and I hope I haven't offended anyone by po
  13. Wow! I've got a whole DarkMOD party goin' on in here!!!!!
  14. Thanks guys! I really appreciate it! My girlfriend made me a homemade cheesecake and I got lots of presents... Oops! I was supposed to wait until the actual day of my birthday to do that?!?!? Oops! Ha ha ha! Everybody go out and have a beer/ale on me! What's the quickest way to send money to people all over the world?!?!?!? Once again, this kind of thing shows just how great this group is!
  15. Sounds like a good line-up to me..... I'm downloading it now and will give it a listen...
  16. Oops! Now his music files are missing! I wanted to check out some of the samples.... oh well.....
  17. Okay, quick question (I may sound crazy after this....) I just downloaded the OST file and was listening to the tracks. Track 2 is Mansion 1.... it has it credited by me, but I honestly don't remember writing this one?!?!?!? Is this someone else's file with my name on it? If it was written by me then just laugh and keep going about your regular business, but if it wasn't then that person should have the credit. Again, maybe I'm crazy!!!! It's been a while since I've been able to sit down and do sfx/ambients so I can't remember....
  18. <evil robot voice>No, really... it's me.... I'm Saxmeister!!! Honestly....</evil robot voice> Seriously, you pick what you think is best. I've got some more I will start work on this weekend. I think I'm going to finally be able to start work again. I had a computer malfunction (I had to replace a memory stick went bad and corrupted my Windows registry completely!) so that put me behind even more. But, I'm getting back on track now! I agree with Renz's choice of adding more of MrD and Schatten's things to the tracklist. How about some more of your own, Pak????? 15-17 trac
  19. Yeah, the volumes 1-whatever idea sounds great.... Give 'em a tease now and we can all do remixes/extended versions later..... Yeah, the Twins track is great! I've been listening to that one way too much! Soundtrack (OST) is a great idea! Thanks, Pak!
  20. First of all, let me say, "Excellent job!" I really like the sounds and the quality is great! I really liked the ambients... the only thing I can say about them is that the ambient sounds (especially the crickets) get too loud. The sound quality is excellent, but too much cricket volume. Lay back on them and it will be perfect. The Undead track is wonderful. I agree taht the piano "hit" should be saved for when you run into an undead around a corner, or something like that. But, wow! Great sounds! I love the voices (almost exactly like the older Thief stuff! - I've still got to figu
  21. Great job on figuring out the code! This team just keeps getting better and better!
  22. Hey guys! Thanks for the concern but I am alive and well! Just, as everyone else seems to be, covered up in my "real life" job. I've popped on to the DarkMOD channel several times over the past two weeks to see if anyone was there but haven't been able to catch anyone at the right time. I think next weekend I'll finally be able to get back to sound effects and music, so I'm really looking forward to that! I've missed being around the forums and am sorry for my absence. -sax
  23. Strange.... the links works from my end?!?!?!?? I can right click it and "Save as..." and then I have to change the type from HTML to ALL FILES. I can also click and download using the download manager program I've got. Strange, is everybody having this problem??? Thanks for the good words! I appreciate them all.....
  24. Hey guys- Well, sitting home getting over a bout with mono (mononucleosis) and I finally have enough strength to lift my mouse and do some more work! So, here's the first fruit of my labour. I shall be posting fixed versions of the previous samples I had posted before, Pak, so I haven't forgotten.... I've just been busy and sick. Here is a new "trippy string" ambient sample. That's going to be the "official" name for any ambients I do in this style. trippystring_long_rvb.ogg Check it out and see if this fits the same style as the previous "trippy string" entry. It's good to be a
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