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    Running, mountain biking, my wife and two kids (boys - 11 and 8), Flash, indie film-making, indie music (all types) and, of course, all things "Thief."
  1. I mean: -storyboard it -- get a rough idea for composition -set up lights, actors, props, etc. -put your camera on the tripod and adjust the position/height/angle until you like what you see -then say, "action!" Here are a couple links about color temp: http://www.videomaker.com/article/12609 http://www.dv.com/columns/columns_item.jht...cleId=175801670 The second link takes you to DV.com -- a great source for DV info. Also, try "indy film making" as a Google search. You'll pull up alot of info on how to make much of the equipment for little or no money.
  2. Most of these reasons you point out here are due to ametuer operation. sparhawk, If you want to make video from a camcorder look more like film, you could: -Don't pan. Mount the camera on a wagon or some type of dolly for movement. -Don't zoom (unless you want the documentary hand held look). Mount the camera on a wagon or some type of dolly for movement. -Frame your shots, mount the camera -Don't mix lights. If you have daylight in the shot, supliment the light with tungsten with a blue filter. (look up color temperature + film lighting -set the white balance (see camcorder m
  3. If it's 250 USD, wouldn't it be less there? (never mind, I actually clicked the link - 170)
  4. I use a Panasonic DVX100 which has 24fps progressive (same frame rate as a film camera). That plays a part in eliminating some of the interlaced video effect. The other part, is that video cameras have a very narrow dynamic range -- the amount of steps between the brighest white and the darkest black -- when compared to movie cameras. So care must be taken with lighting an lens settings to fully utilize that range. So my opinion is that camera, lighting and post are all factors.
  5. I work for a small company that handles media material for GM and DCX. I create interactive CD-ROMs mostly.
  6. I was the news caster and the 1st zombie that speaks at the end.
  7. Thanks. This movie was made for hobby, but the equipment is borrowed from work. Professional lighting, sound and camera.
  8. Hey all, I just recently posted my short, "Joe Mozbie" on You Tube. I'd really like to know what you all think. (please rate it)
  9. I think a delay, rather than a fade is the solution. If the user focuses on an object, there are so-many-miliseconds until the highlight deactivates, thus eliminating the flashing highlight. Ishtvan, get on that!
  10. --update-- I'm getting 4 new loop CD's this week. I should be able to contribute some fresh ambients soon. I'm waiting for warranty repair on my good directional mic; when that happens, I should be able to contribute some more SFX. In other news, Kwame Kilpatrick has been re-elected as Detroit's mayor. ???
  11. Hey! I'm here, but extremely busy with work (auto show season). I look forward to helping out with more of those SFX in February. I will check back periodically, so feel free to ask questions or make comments.
  12. Yeah, if the cart sounds have enough of a distant echo-y sound, it would definitely work. Ill try to add some into the ambients so we can all see if we like it... So, isht, can ambients be placed throughout the map as "objects" or should all distant ambient effects be added to the main ambient track? I'd like to have a little of both, If possible.
  13. Sounds like a childrens' choir. Are there actual words or just random vowel and consonant sounds? Sounds very cool! Not very thief-like in my opinion, though.
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